Republican House individuals look for Nobel Peace Prize for Trump

WASHINGTON — A gathering of House Republicans is looking for the Nobel Peace Prize for President Donald Trump in view of his work to ease atomic strains with North Korea.

A noteworthy gathering amongst Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un over denuclearization could be reported by the end of the week.

Indiana Rep. Luke Messer disclosed a letter Wednesday to individuals from the Norwegian Nobel Committee that was marked by 18 Republicans.

The letter says that North Korea has sidestepped requests from the universal group to stop its animosities however that Trump’s “tranquility through quality arrangements are working” and conveying North Korea to the arranging table.

Messer is running for the U.S. Senate in Indiana, where bolster for Trump has turned into a litmus test for Republican voters.

A few different Republicans on the letter are likewise running for representative or congressperson.

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