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ADDITIONAL: 2018 Ministers should have a road map for new and first-recorded health goals

Health right
Health, every citizen of the state, to protect the birth of the citizen, has been a hostage …
The birth of the birth of every citizen, health, state, state, can be protected from the state, it has always been hostile in the process of prevention of democracy.

Even in the times of democracy, political parties have deprived the state of health instead of maintaining and scaling it.

Instead of taking the overall viewpoint, focus is in public, private and welfare sectors based on expensive, unnecessary specialists, care, programs, projects and institutions – all the competitions – and its efforts to make commercial efforts and renewal Regarding the private sector weaknesses

In comparison to the special health features of the 2013 party manifesto, the Muslim League has linked the most targeted planning goals with the results that are in power.

Although its main point of view was useful before voltage, with the management of administrative institutions and encouraging local solutions, there was a need to build provincial level capacity.

On the contrary, the PPP focused on the principles rather than the obvious results in its performance in Sindh.

The lack of administration, poor referral-based health and financial services of health, made the basic health needs massively unmet.

Despite this, PTI’s health goals were able to accommodate those people of PPP and PPP, practically rapid change was implemented, social services should highlight the differences in health needs and potentially Based on the ‘Better Health’ system to attract professionals motivated.

Moving forward, 2018 economists should have a road map for new and first-mentioned health goals; they should be told that different types of healthcare services are in use and how it will be used.

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In preparing their ministries, parties will have to keep the facts in front of them and address many concerns.

For example, keep in mind that there are private and welfare health care sectors, what changes are being made to the beneficiaries’ lives using health services? Are these better due to health status? While reforming the public sector, it should be asked how many health services are being used and for this purpose.

Whether the services supply or not, the expected outcomes should be evaluated regularly, in order to find professionals instead of solving their economy.

While planning a new service, it may be a good idea for the government to do what (private and financial institutions) are doing in this area and if they can compete competitive instead. It can only be achieved if regulatory measures on the federal level are compatible.

It is also a question of health-specific aspects of the community that we cover. Is a Public Sector Referral Network available and beneficial people are being sent to provide additional care to ensure that it is being used? Are we using different professionals to meet healthy aspects? What can we do to provide professionals within our community? What is the basis of diagnosis test, management and treatment in the community? Finally, are we monitoring the disease? If so, what is the matter of illness, burden, division and intensity? How is action when new threatening issues get out of the available services?

Parties should definitely be promised a healthy framework, in which all fields are used in a broad way to discuss the evolution of Pakistan’s health system, such as a comprehensive health policy. The system extends to a wide range of approaches.

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