Rising high school sports star Jayda Akuhata-Brown discovered dead after presumed epilepsy seizure

A rising New Zealand high school wearing ability has been discovered dead after a speculated epilepsy seizure throughout the end of the week.

Jayda Akuhata-Brown had spoken to New Zealand in shot put and b-ball and was discovered dead on Saturday.

The 14-year-old had a past filled with epilepsy and it’s trusted she endured a seizure in the shower before hitting her head.

“Losing her has not by any stretch of the imagination soaked in yet,” her mom Donna Rowe told Stuff. “She accomplished so much and contacted such a significant number of individuals throughout her life.”

A year ago, Akuhata-Brown advised the Herald she needed to contend in the Olympics and turn into the following Valerie Adams.

“She needed to resemble Valerie Adams. Valerie Adams was her godlike object,” Rowe told Stuff.

“She got the chance to meet her when the Commonwealth Games group was preparing in Hawke’s Bay not long ago.”

A previous national shot put champion, Akuhata-Brown additionally played b-ball and played in a Las Vegas competition for the NZ Basketball Academy U14 group.

Tributes for the Hastings Girls’ High School student have been posted via web-based networking media, one individual saying, “I don’t comprehend why you needed to go so early”.

Another stated, “I’ll generally miss the giggling you bring, the tears you bring, the delight and satisfaction it will never be the same without you”.

“She had a peculiar comical inclination and a modest nerve.

“What’s more, an irresistible grin – that is something everybody is recalling about her, her irresistible grin,” Rowe told Stuff.

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Akuhata-Brown’s demise is being explored by the coroner and a festival for her life will be held at Wairoa’s War Memorial Hall at 1pm on Thursday.

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