Will Smith marks 50th birthday celebration by bungee hopping out of a helicopter

Like a scene out of a high-octane activity film that he would star in, Will Smith commended his 50th birthday celebration Tuesday by effectively bungee hopping from a helicopter close to the Grand Canyon.

Cameras, which caught the trick for a livestream on YouTube , demonstrated the on-screen character snared to a tackle and bungee lines dangling over a chasm in northeastern Arizona.

“This is the absolute most lovely stuff I’ve ever found in my life,” Smith said while as yet swinging over the gorge.

He depicted the experience as going “from unadulterated dread to outright delight.”

The whole occasion had the vibe of a cleaned scene of unscripted television. Camera teams indicated Smith, spouse Jada Pinkett Smith and his three kids being welcomed by many relatives and companions on a stage. His “New Prince of Bel-Air” co-star, Alfonso Ribeiro, filled in as a host talking with Smith and others prior and then afterward.

The trick was charged as a jump “in the core of the Grand Canyon.” But the hop was outside Grand Canyon National Park on the Navajo Nation. The clan’s reservation fringes the east edge of the national stop.

A Navajo medication man gave Smith a gift and expressed gratitude toward him for going to the reservation.

Smith said the bungee bounce was a test from Yes Theory, a YouTube channel that makes recordings of individuals doing exercises outside of their customary range of familiarity. In any case, the occasion additionally fund-raised for philanthropy through an online lottery for an opportunity to watch the bounce face to face. The returns will profit access to training for kids in battling nations.

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