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Democrats are raising new questions about Brett Kungeng’s senior presidential seriousness, while the White House has approved the FBI, who has sex against the nomination of President Donald Trop’s Supreme Court on weekdays to interview anyone. Corruption is under investigation.

During the court meeting on Thursday, “Chief Democrat’s Leader Chuck Schumer” accused “presenting the details of the parties”. He said “to prepare for the orthodoxs about everything with oranges to ensure their commitment to the high position in the King”.

“The harsh reality of this matter is that we are increasing evidence that judge judge is not just trustworthy.”

It is not that, Kentucky Senate Republican Mitch McKonald said, “Move golfers” to prevent Democrats from confronting the ban of Democrats. He promised that the entire Senate would start a vote on Kuwait’s nomination this week. “The endless delay and the time of interruption is near,” he said.
Quavanging’s confirmation is that the supplements of key Republicans and Democratic senators who have not yet left their votes. One of these is the Republican Jeff Flake, who was greeted by hundreds of liberal demonstrators, during the protest in Liberal, victims of sexual assault among them.

Flana and Centers Swan Calls and Lisa Markozki used to play a key role in maintaining the vote of confidence during the weekend weekend. He forced the White House to open an investigation on additional backgrounds of sexual harassment against the judge.

The FBI is only to investigate this week, but the White House has cleared it to interview any person.

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The new guidance, known to him in the Associated Press, was issued to the FBI in response to a response from the Democratic and News Agency that the scope of the investigation was very tight.

In recent days the FBI has asked at least four people about the allegations against the Communists that he was in high school and university. There were persons among the Witnesses of the interview, who professed California University Professor Christine Blossy Ford, said that at the beginning of the 1980s there was a youth party in which he says he was sexually abused by kangang.

The FBI has also been advised that Debra Ramiriz interviewed, who said that both students were in Yale, Navyarkar Kung said. It can also be interviewed by Julie Susnick, who claimed physical abuse in schools in the Kanaana Mughal and was in a home in 1982 where he says he was a victim of rape.
The judiciary sent a letter to the FBI and White House on the judiciary committee, which has also contacted more than two dozen people who want to contact them.

Concerning concern about the extension of the investigation at a news conference yesterday, the trip said that he wants to “investigate” the FBI “comprehensive” and “it will not disturb me at all” if the agents have three women who Move forward But he also said that Senate Republicans are determining the parameters of the investigation.

The aim of the revised guide was the aim of promoting the investigation that can eliminate the Democratic Critique and satisfy Democrats about all their greatness and justice.

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In a statement on Monday, a Kuala Lumpur Yale Klimatet said he was “disturbed by an erring mistake by his own self-beloved drink in Yale”. Charles “Chad” Litetting, who teaches at North Carolina State University, said he was a friend of Koyang in Kailang and said that Kanana was “often drinking and heavy drinks”.

Leader of the youth said that drinking a young person should not condemn a person, Leddington has said that he is worried about the statement of Quaujang under the oath before the Senate committee.

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