After the sinking, Missouri’s tour boat boat killed 17 people

Kansas City, Mo. – Charge has been lodged against a tourist boat captain, which has killed 17 people and killed them, which includes nine people from the family of Anand family, during the summer of southwest Missori.

A federal allegation shows that 51-year-old Kenneth Scott Mackey has accused the ship of a ship by accusing him of being mischievous, negligent or negligent. The July incident happened when a hungry pot was known as a duck boat when suddenly and tornado thrown into the area.

American lawyer Tim Greens told during a news conference at Supperfeld, “Mickey says that before or after it is not worth watching the beach season near Titer Rock Lake, city beach tourists before or after. . Ripley Entertainment, the company that boats run, suspended operations after the accident.

Boats were originally designed for military use in the Second World War but it was restored as a tourist attraction.
The United Coast Guard found a possible cause that the accident resulted in a “courtesy of negligence, negligence, or duties” resulting in a court hearing on August 1. The US Attorney’s Office further said that another duck boat captain has made it “shielding corruption” during the execution process, but the court did not explain the results.

Dubo murdered nine members of Tia Coleman’s family, including three of his small children and husbands who had left Indiana. Other people killed include Missouri’s couple, an alinois woman who died during her grandfather’s life, an arcoservice’s father and son, and a retired priest who was the boat operator on earth. Many cases have been registered by the victims and their survivors.

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A spokesman for Ripley Entertainment has refused to comment on the investigation, but said that the company has cooperated with the authorities.

The vessels first traveled to tourists on tourism venues by touring the bamboo, a rock rock for country music shows and recreational places, around 170 miles (274km) northwest of the northwest of Arkansas. Are there After rocket cars, table rocks travel short on the lake to travel for water.

The weather was calm when Stretch Duck 7, known as the vessel, started its journey on July 19, but the investigator has contended that operators are very aware that a strong storm was approaching.

In 2017, the inspection vessel issued by the coast guard, set rules and boundaries when it could be on the water. It tells that the boat will not “go out of water” when wind will exceed 35 mph and / or more than two feet from the wave height.

The video and audio from the boat, exported by different types, appears that the lake was calm when the lake entered the water. But the weather suddenly got hit and within minutes, boat was sown.

According to the National Transport Safety Board, the speed of wind at the time of the crash was more than 70 degrees. Weather observations had warned about storm storm with possibilities of more than 60 miles per hour.

The wave was not known, but the nearby cell phone shoot shot by the passengers on the boat showed the waves that exceed two feet (0.61 meters).

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Apart from the season, Coast Guard has said it is looking at a regulatory compliance with the boat and staff member’s duties and qualifications.

Bernon is in many places around the country, where a lot of vehicles have offered a trip. Since 1999, the number of 42 deaths in Duck boats has increased.

On May 1, 1999, the boat of Miss Virtual Duck killed 13 people sinking to Lake Hamilton near Hot Springs, Arkansas. In 2015, five college students died and more than 70 people were injured when Duck boat saw a bridge at Seattle in a charter bus. Two Hungarian tourists died in 2010 when a stable duck boat was hit by a Tobabotte recipe on Delaware River in Philadelphia.

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