Man who pushed, harmed High Court judge in attack of street seethe condemned

The man who pushed a High Court judge over in an attack of street seethe episode, making her break her wrist in four spots has been condemned to network work.

James Lawrence Beaumont Gilliland was accused of harming Justice Mary Peters “with foolhardy negligence for the wellbeing of others” following a quarrel in Ponsonby in May.

Equity Peters sits in the High Court at Auckland.

Gilliland, a 29-year-old PC software engineer, at first argued not liable to the charge.

He at that point conceded the wrongdoing and looked for a release without conviction.

That application was rejected and he showed up in the Auckland District Court for condemning toward the beginning of today.

Judge Christopher Field was given a concise unfortunate casualty affect articulation from Justice Peters, which was not perused in court.

Protection legal counselor Marie Dyhrberg looked for a sentence of network benefit for Gilliland.

She said Gilliland had attempted advising and gotten some “a word of wisdom” since confessing.

He has additionally been volunteering for a hospice shop and wanted to proceed with that “advantageous” network benefit.

Judge Field said the episode had “extensive results” in all parts of Justice Peter’s life.

“This was an intentional push,” she said in her announcement.

She said she “stays agitate” at what occurred.

Judge Field said he expected to consider Gilliland responsible and criticize his lead.

“This was in any event modestly genuine culpable,” he said.

While there were no alleviating highlights of the culpable, Judge Field said Gilliland was contrite, his initial liable request and the reality it was his first time under the steady gaze of the courts.

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He uncovered Gilliland had composed a “long” letter by method for statement of regret.

“There is another foundation issue that should be tended to,” said Judge Field.

“You yourself were associated with a genuine engine vehicle mischance … you were riding your bike to work, you ended up engaged with a mishap.”

Gilliland endured wounds including broken teeth and inward dying – and thus he moved toward becoming “over sharpened” to what he saw to be other individuals’ driving deficiencies.

Judge Field condemned Gilliland to 200 hours of network work.


At the point when Judge June Jelas denied Gilliland a release without conviction recently, she uncovered the full subtle elements of the culpable.

On May 9 Gilliland was strolling on Ponsonby Rd and was drawing nearer Picton St when the occurrence happened.

Equity Peters came around the bend in her vehicle and Gilliland trusted she was not going to stop and the people on foot crossing the road were in peril.

Gilliland kicked Justice Peters’ vehicle and she got out to review it for harm.

“What the heck was that for?” she asked Gilliland.

They had a “brief” talk about the occurrence and as the match met, Gilliland set the two his hands on his unfortunate casualty’s shoulders and drove her over.

Because of the power of the push she fell in reverse on to the solid pathway.

She put her pass out behind her to dampen her fall, bringing about her wrist breaking.

Gilliland fled the scene yet did not get far.

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An individual from the general population pursued him, ceased him and controlled him until the point that police arrived.

Equity Peters’ wrist was broken in four places and was set in a cast for more than four


She put in one more month with her wrist in different braces.

Judge Jelas prior laid out the effect on Justice Peters.

“The injured individual is correct given and was not able take care of regular individual errands and exercises and was fundamentally hampered at work,” she said.

“Extensive weight came about for the individuals who bolster the injured individual in her work.

“The breaks have now recuperated however regardless she experiences a dimension of distress time to time and is probably not going to recover full quality and versatility in her wrist.

“The culpable has influenced her enormously.”

Judge Jelas said there was positively no proof that Justice Peters had effectively incite the assault.

“There is no recommendation … that, at any stage, the injured individual drove her vehicle in a way that broke any street rule,” she said.

“Nor is there a proposal that any walker was in risk or that any passerby was worried by the unfortunate casualty’s demonstrations.

“The Court can’t dismiss the way that at the season of the offense, the person in question

was not driving her vehicle, there had been no driver mistake, she had given a sensible clarification to Mr Gilliland for why she had driven her vehicle forward and Mr Gilliland’s reaction was to push the unfortunate casualty to the ground.

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“His activities were totally unjustifiable.”

Equity Peters has declined to remark on the episode.

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