Inhabitants of Russian city challenge ‘dark sky’ air contamination

CHELYABINSK, Russia – Residents of a city in Russia’s Ural Mountains are communicating stress over mechanical contamination after substantial brown haze encompassed Chelyabinsk this month and stayed for about fourteen days.

Low breezes helped the thick dark layer of brown haze, what local people are calling “dark sky,” settle over the city of 1.2 million. The Chelyabinsk meteorological office revealed that air contamination surpassed allowable dimensions previously the brown haze dispersed.

On Sunday, around 700 dissidents conquered temperatures of – 20 degrees Celsius (- 4 degrees Fahrenheit) to request cleaner air. They held standards understanding “We need clean skies!” and “Quit harming our youngsters!”

The dissent followed up on a before one in which members endeavored to drive their way into the city hall leader’s office.

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