Police: Traffic stop prompts head-butting, flying clothing

NEW YORK — Authorities state a presumed tipsy driver head-butted a state trooper and his significant other tossed her shoes and clothing in dissent after they were pulled over on Long Island.

New York State Police say 38-year-old Michael Nelson struck the trooper a few times while being captured on an inebriated driving charge around 1:30 a.m. Sunday on the Southern State Parkway in Hempstead.

Nelson’s 29-year-old spouse was captured after police say she escaped their 2017 Mercedes-Benz and had a go at blocking his capture.

Police say the aggressiveness proceeded at a police headquarters. Notwithstanding tossing items, troopers state Alexandra Nelson was spitting at them.

A legal advisor for the couple says the charges “are very exaggerated.” Lawyer Marc Gann says troopers raised the circumstance and that there’s “considerably more to the story.”

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