Afghan authorities: Taliban execute 13 troops in nation’s west

Neighborhood specialists detailed a higher loss of life

Taliban guaranteed obligation regarding the assault

KABUL: Officials state the Taliban killed something like 13 Afghan fighters in fights that seethed for three days in western Badghis territory where guerillas overran a few armed force checkpoints.

Jamshid Shahabi, the commonplace senator’s representative, says the destiny of twelve different fighters is obscure.

He says the battling emitted on Saturday in Bala Murghab region. The military completed a few airstrikes and dispatched support. Shahabi says 42 radicals were murdered and 15 troops were injured in the battling.

Nonetheless, Mohammad Naser Nazari, an individual from the common chamber, gave a higher loss toll, saying that 20 officers were murdered and 20 others stay missing.

The authorities state the battling has died down with just sporadic conflicts on Tuesday in remote zones of the area. The Taliban have guaranteed obligation regarding the assault.

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