Australia plays it safe after national does NZ mosque slaughter

The shooter who killed 40 admirers in two New Zealand mosques on Friday was a conservative “fear monger” with Australian citizenship, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

“We remain here and denounce completely the assault that happened today by a radical, conservative, vicious fear monger,” Morrison told a question and answer session.

He affirmed media reports that the shooter, who distinguished himself as Brenton Tarrant and cut down admirers in two mosques in the southern New Zealand city of Christchurch, was an Australian-conceived resident.

He said Australian experts were researching any connections between the nation and the assault, yet declined to give further insights concerning the supposed shooter.

Australian media revealed the shooter originated from a town in New South Wales, of which Sydney is the capital, and state police later said they were expanding watches around NSW mosques in light of the Christchurch assaults.

The police depicted the move as a precautionary measure as “there is no progressing or explicit danger to any mosque or spot of love” in the state.

An enthusiastic Morrison offered his feelings to Kiwis, and declared that banners in Australia would be flown at half-pole in memory of the people in question.

“We are not simply partners, we are not simply accomplices, we are family,” he said.

New Zealand police confined three men after the assaults, yet have not given their personalities.

“It is such a dismal and wrecking notice of the insidious that can be ever present about us,” Morrison said of the assaults.

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