Two suspects captured in Battagram regarding high school kid’s suicide

Two suspects were captured by police on Tuesday regarding the suicide prior this long stretch of a young kid from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Battagram locale.

Region Police Officer Abdul Rauf Baber Qaiserani revealed to Dawn that the 15-year-old kid had been a vagrant and an occupant of Battagram’s Shingli Bala zone. He ended it all on March 14, which was affirmed by the medical clinic after a dissection.

Police had in this manner started a request under Section 174 (Investigation over unnatural passing) of the Criminal Procedures Code. The examination uncovered that two suspects had supposedly assaulted the kid a half year back and recorded the ambush. A while later, they coerced the kid to “carry on the relationship” or hazard having the video discharged.

Police trust that it was under this weight the kid chose to end his life.

Police guaranteed that they had captured the two suspects, recouped the shocking video and photos of the expired unfortunate casualty and the cell phone utilized for coercion.

DPO Qaiserani said that over the span of the examination, one of the suspects had admitted to the assault and shakedown before the legal justice in an announcement recorded under Sections 164 and 364 of the Criminal Procedures Code.

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