Below Amazon below: What’s meant for NGO’s business and market?

Amazon sees New Zealand and Australia as a major market and takes just one day to start operation across Tashkent.

Says Ham Kanon, Global Advisor of the Global Director of Commerce, “Amazon’s ideas are as a market in Australia and New Zealand.” “They are exactly after New Zealand users.

“People have in their heads that [Launch] is about Australia, and the Australian market, but in fact it can also be”

New Zealand businesses should see this beginning – which is likely to be widely held this week – as an opportunity, Conway said.
“From business perspective, you can do an Oakland business that sells your product to, and sells a person in Dandon who buys from the Amazon store, Dandon, so this product has never reached Australia. Such transactions have not been really talked about. ”

“Amazon will soon prevail. It will be a very fast e-commerce platform in New Zealand.”

Conway said that the catalogs available on Amazon “Eat Trade Me and Greatest Apps for Lunch”.

The mortar retireers of brick and shops will be safe, he said.

“Brand-owned web stores possibly, if they are not very good [at least not.” Buyers will say ‘Oh, this way is easy on Amazon; it’s fast, I’m comparing, I get low cost or free shipping’ so they’re really against a wall. ”

The majority of Amazon-based products are by third-party seller.
The e-commerce stores that suffer, are the most compassionate websites such as pharmacy and sports goods websites, “where the web site owner does not own any brands”.

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Last year, 43% of all online retail sales in the United States went through Amazon.

Kanon said that clothing, household, sporting goods, food and food products would be very difficult in the food category.

They did not think that New Zealand’s retailers or businesses would immediately feel the effect of Amazon’s arrival.

“It can be very good and quiet.

“Certainly there will be some fans, and I think New Zealand will be increasingly faster than Amazon users.”

He said the retail sector was due to the deaths in New Zealand.

“When people think of Amazon, they consider cheap prices but it is not … retailers will really have to love the customers they do and see them – providing them an experience. It will be so that people want to come in. Store. ”
Conway said that sports and retailers of warehouse, brooks, and rebel couples are easily sent, they will feel the effect of Amazon.

“Within six months I think they will begin to relieve the flow.”

Nick Nicholstein, Chief Executive of the Well-Known House said the company was changing its operations.

He said, “We have been making a lot of changes for a while, not necessarily moving ahead of Amazon, but to defend our market in comparison to many of our partners.”

“We have focused on increasing our brick trade by changing our brick and mortar business and to ensure that our core fundamentals are fine, while making digital capabilities and channels even better for the future. . ”

Business manager National refrigerator director Kate Wright said that the Amazon market gave small businesses the opportunity to reach a wide audience.

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Wright said, “This challenge will come to know how to set up a specific market setup for your business, learn about its vision and coming out and how to stand out in this new ‘ecosystem’ Layout ‘.

Amazon will dominate very fast. This important eCommerce platform in New Zealand will be very fast.
Wrestight said another event has been offered for Amazon’s business, while the retailer said that possibly lack of third-party sellers receives discounted or outstanding stock that can end up list without your control. .

Wright said, “This decision is essential that how it fits it within the current business model and the future models will be demanded.” By broad and capacity, whatever you can do, Amazon can be potentially faster, faster and cheap. ”

“The most important idea for small enterprises is to keep around and be profitable in long term so that they should be worried about any decision making process.”

Kaney said maybe Amazon will build a warehouse in New Zealand next five years. “They are afraid to invest, and they are likely to prefer.”

Australia is said to have a soft launch of limited range of limited online offerings before the opening of Melbourne warehouse.

“In New Zealand, I do not think that this retail market is being made its biggest dentist in the retail market. It will affect, but this radar will be under the single-digit percentage effect, but at the moment the next year, Will come

Australia is said to have a soft launch of limited categories online before the opening of the Amazon-based Melbourne warehouse. “In New Zealand, I do not think this retail market is being made its biggest dentist in the retail market. It will affect, but this radar will be under the single-digit percentage effect, but at the moment, they will be in full flight next year. “

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