Angry as two Linux ‘hobby zoo’

Wallace has consistently faced pressure on a family zoo which was destroyed by two lanes in a few days after closing its doors.

Dean and Tracy Tiedie left her home in Canton to start a new life in the beautiful wild animals of this year, with Seret and Sophie, with Seret and Sophie, leaving her home. But two recent scandals have questioned how they will run the fence. .

Lilith On October 18, the Yosinin Linux was killed by a professional sign on Friday last, while Nelly emerged, a five-year-old lady licked her by the zakat in arms. Saturday, Mail Owen reported.

Couples and Ceredigion Councils have been charged with a cover up by the Lynx Ukrainian Trust, who visited this site on Sunday, where they should be four when only three lanes were discovered there.
Mr Tydie bought 625,000 pounds of zoo at the beginning of this year, with more than 300 different animals, including snakes, mechanrics, walls, lions, crocodiles, snakes and an albano wall. Included.

In a sad statement published on the Zee’s Facebook page, Mr. and Mrs. Tydie wrote that the blue, Eurosin Linux indicates death with a pole pole, and under ‘execution’ Was trying

His statement said: “It is sad and sad that we announce the last week’s death of an adult woman, a teenager, who was not affiliated with lilat but shared a fence.

“In the past few weeks our staff are under incredible pressure and when the authorities have informed us 24 hours, they will examine the entire cat which we decided to move on to the more suitable fence.

“Unfortunately, it looks like an awesome handling is going on, where it seems that it turned into a catching pole and it was adopted.

“The authorities were notified after this incident and they would be fully investigated.”

Couple said that with ‘serious problems’ six months ago he climbed when the animals were planted.

The statement further added: “Zoo is now closed and will be closed until further notice.” In this summer, we are working hard to improve, but it seems we are swimming against the wave.

“There are very serious problems with this establishment that we need to address before moving ahead. We hope we can work with the authorities to adopt the code and place a home for the animals safe and secure. Is.

“It’s just Zoo in Ceredigion’s county and there will be a real loss in the area if allowed to save foreign animals, were not allowed to continue after the home-loving home refrigerator.

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“We bought that place not to make money, but we are animals lovers and can see that place in this beautiful place needed some serious love and attention.”
The head of the Trust Scientific Advisor Dr. Paul and Dongo said both the Zoo and the Ceredigion County Council knew that the blue lillith was hit before but the information did not show up.

A spokesman for the Ceredigion County Council refused to deny whether he knew Natalie’s non-violence incidents before shooting Lilly.

The spokesperson of the Ceredigion Council said: “The Council is currently investigating a recent second incident about Lynx’s death linked to the bureaucratic animal race that animals have been abnormally killed.” Unable to provide. ”

It was only when Dr. O. Dongo visited the site that the rumor of second Linux’s death has seen them on social media.

He is now being called for his closure after his visit and his mistakes have been closed, which has climbed on the occasion of media.

Dr. O’Donggong added: “There is a disaster waiting for the United Kingdom’s hunting earthquake, if it is not closed, I do not have any doubt that in the end there is no escape and unexpected captivity breeding animals, animals and other animals. It is as if someone needs to be closed before it is dead. ”

He added: “If this is the crocodile that has escaped or has two poets? Their leopard almost a few years ago, when the cage opened, we were going to go to these hobbies. Are those who are going to go to amateurs to go to action for a man to die? ”

Now the applicants have more than 900 signatures that will close close to Orthodox near Britain’s Babbrath Wild Animals.

After meeting the owner of Mr. Tydi for the owner, he said he felt “sorry and angry” for the owner, who had already purchased a zoo in this year, and it was impressed that Mr Toddie knew that ” Was out of depth “.

The doctor and Dong, who worked in Zucus told Melon: “Staff

Dr. O’Donoghue also hit the owners’ staff and ‘inadequate and failure’ in the zoo and warned about the poor conditions that the animals were kept.

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Niley, who was innocent for death, was allegedly used by a tree that the zoo had not failed to rescue back to avoid survival and zoo.

Dr. O’Donoghue claims that the remaining lynx small animals have been shifted to a living room, and additionally animal animals and zoo conditions may worsen.

He further added: “I have visited the outskirts and I have explained to me in full regard of the events. The level of inadequate and failure is going to blow brain.”

Loyalty claims Loyal was in the cage with five other Linuxs and was attacked by another cat before running on the run.

Dr. O’Donoghue added: “You do not have to crush five pencil linux with the same cage, you do not leave the tree tree easily, you do not refuse to offer free help from real lynx experts. And you ‘try to hide these conditions from a zoo inspector by hurrying animals’ movement, resulting in passing through death with a slice.

“I am not sure where the fault lies, focuses on the zoo, resulting in the unexpected captivity and animal living in the UK’s rural areas, and after its death, one another Surroundings. ”

He further added that the Ceredigion County Council was ‘indirectly charged’ for the death of both animals.

Ceredigion Council said they were aware of the reports, was worried for the second lynx’s death. He has also defended his decision to shoot and kill Lalit, claiming that animals can be attacked on children.

It has been said that it has got expert advice before loyalty is twice the domestic cat – a professional marker shot last Friday.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Council said that Lailat was not ‘afraid of humans’ and entered a populated area. He also defended the shooting of Linux, which was approved by the police, the Veterinary Officer, head of the Wales government and Wales.

A council spokesperson said: “It was not possible to diagnose Linux’s condition or mood, but there are concerns about the possibility of behavioral behavior if it is initially usually a young child. From a member of the public had to face.

“It should be noted that Linux is ranked as ‘dangerous and wild’ in legislation, and authorities are working to deal with unorganized escape situations.

It is assumed that the authority refused to consider Linux closing because it takes 15 minutes to influence, meaning that the cat ran away and hard to find in the wooden area. Was it

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The spokesperson further added: “On other occasions and variations, it may be appropriate to try to rest the survivors, but according to the factors involved, it was decided that it was not appropriate. ”

The Council said it has started its investigation so that they should be violated by operating license.

The kingdom of eastern wild animals has said that no human record has been recorded by a Linux, but authorities warn that they are wild animals with sharp teeth and lips and will be “stuck or stuck.”

According to news that Nelli was thrown out of death, Mrs. and Mrs. Tydie told that they are considering legal action against the Ceredigion Council to deserve animal shooting.

Sitting networks, heat search drones, and even a police helicopter employed to work and catch employees.

But after a holiday park was sow under a caravan, which was closed for the winter season, on Friday, Ceredigion County Council decided that hard action was needed.

Andrew Wininblas, professional marketman who shot the lynx, said that attempts to catch the beast were ‘unusual’ and shooting was the only option.

He may be involved in gaining a lot closer to Linux using an architectural dart, which can be influenced before it.

“Very sad fact that a animal was allowed to escape from the first place, and the owners were unable to catch it,” he said.

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