Arden finally gets combined with Turnbull on the main offer

Prime Minister Jacinda Ordnn last night met a 20-minute meeting in Manila with the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Tarnal to accelerate the main island refugee camps in New Minnesota.

He also said that the government will give up to $ 3 million from the Overseas Development Assistance budget to help the refugees with Papua New Guinea, with the expense of keeping the refugees together with the agency like Red Cross.

He said that the appeal to Turbble is that if the agreement agrees to confirm the offer of New Zealand’s offer to restore 150kg refugees, the process will accelerate.

In New Zealand, he told reporters in New Zealand that the New Zealand offer remains on the table.
“It remains on the table as we need. We believe that we play as a member of international community, but we offer assistance to Australia as a neighbor to help us resolve this situation. Are there. ”

New Zealand officials will continue working together with Australian authorities “so that we will be ready for example that Australia will take this offer.”

“It’s a lot of development that we’ve been offering in many years.”

He said that refugees will be taken for a few months “now working together and initially it is necessary to get ready and when Australia has offered.”

Australia is also working with the US to take 1250 refugees – who are executing the ocean as a part of Australian policy to prevent people coming through the ocean.

The order was disturbed that New Zealand has described Ternel’s attitude to meet him before the media.
But he indicated with Malcolm Turnbell in Vietnam that he wanted a “New Zealand” meeting in Manila and met for more than 150 years to talk about New Zealand’s offer. And until the last night they just talked “passing”.

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He was ashamed of talking to his official about this matter.

The order is more likely to be compared to former Prime Minister Jan Kachich because he does not object to Australia to stop the refugees using New Zealand as an entry to Australia.

“What was Australia’s matter on Australia’s border?”

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Vienna Peterson met yesterday with the United States Secretary-General Rex Taylorson but he said he could not talk about the meeting yet.

However, it is believed that Tallinnonon surfazed an important statement from New York on Thursday morning on White House.

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