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Prime suspect in assault on Palestinian PM dead after shootout with security powers

Hamdallah and Palestinian security boss Majid Faraj’s escort was assaulted by a roadside bomb in Gaza on March 13. They were uninjured.

The primary suspect in a week ago’s endeavored death of Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah kicked the bucket of his injuries after a firearm fight on Thursday with Hamas-run security powers in the Gaza Strip, a security official said. Another shooter and two security officers were likewise slaughtered in the shootout, the authority said.

Hamas-run security powers in Gaza had before in the day kept the principle suspect in a week ago’s death endeavor against Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah after a gunbattle on Thursday in which two security officers were killed, a security official said. The suspect, who was not instantly recognized, was injured in the shootout with security powers that encompassed his fort in the focal Gaza Strip, the authority said. Two other shooters were additionally kept, the authority included.

Hamdallah and Palestinian security boss Majid Faraj’s guard was assaulted by a roadside bomb in Gaza on March 13. They were uninjured. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday censured Hamas for the blast. His comments undermined compromise endeavors to end 10 years old break between his Fatah group and the Islamist Hamas amass that is predominant in Gaza.

Hamas had proclaimed a $5,000 remunerate for anybody giving data about the presume’s whereabouts. It gave no quick points of interest on his asserted thought process or of an association to any activist gathering.

Abbas, who is situated in the Israeli-possessed West Bank, has offered no proof of the contribution of Hamas in the endeavor against Hamdallah’s life. In any case, he said he didn’t trust Hamas to research the occurrence sincerely and that there had been “zero” advance in the Egyptian-handled compromise. Hamas grabbed the Gaza Strip from powers faithful to Fatah in 2007.

22 Mar 2018

Americans need furnished school protects and more tightly firearm laws: Poll

A huge number of understudies and their families are relied upon to walk in urban communities over the United States on Saturday to request stricter firearm control, some portion of the reaction to a mass shooting at a Florida secondary school in February.

A dominant part of Americans, including Republicans, Democrats and firearm proprietors need stricter laws on weapon possession and outfitted monitors in schools, as indicated by a Reuters/Ipsos national survey taken toward the beginning of March. A huge number of understudies and their families are relied upon to walk in urban areas over the United States on Saturday to request stricter firearm control, some portion of the reaction to a mass shooting at a Florida secondary school in February.

The accompanying are a portion of the primary discoveries of the survey:


Around 75 percent of grown-ups say they need equipped security monitors in school, with somewhere in the range of 53 percent for openly financing firearm classes for educators and school work force and 45 percent saying school staff ought to be urged to convey a weapon.


A larger part of Democrats and Republican voters bolster stricter firearm laws, including 91 percent on the two sides who say anybody with a past filled with psychological sickness ought to be prohibited from owning a weapon. Eighty-four percent of Republicans trust individuals on the “no-fly” rundown ought to likewise be restricted from weapon proprietorship and 83 percent are agreeable to growing record verifications. A lion’s share of Republicans likewise say that strike weapons and high limit ammo clasps ought to be prohibited.


Weapon proprietors are more politically dynamic than others, the survey found. They will probably be enlisted to vote, and they express more enthusiasm for voting in November’s midterm races, when 33% of US Senate seats and every one of the seats in the US House of Representatives will be chosen.

50% of weapon proprietors said they are sure to vote contrasted with 41 percent of individuals who don’t claim a firearm.


Firearm control is on a standard with the economy as a best issue that will persuade US voters in November, the survey found.


One of every four grown-ups say they possess a firearm and a dominant part of weapon proprietors say they claim in excess of one firearm.

Almost 60 percent of firearm proprietors say that the National Rifle Association weapon rights backing bunch is either doing “the appropriate measure of work” or it “doesn’t do what’s necessary” to advance the interests of weapon proprietors. Around 30 percent say the NRA is “excessively forceful” in advancing weapon rights, as indicated by the survey.

Independently, around 38 percent of weapon proprietors additionally say they might want to vote in November for a congressional applicant who might contradict US President Donald Trump and 39 percent say the nation is on the wrong track.

The Reuters/Ipsos survey of 2,389 US grown-ups was led between March 5-7 and has a general believability interim of 4-5 percent.

22 Mar 2018

US spending bill gets intense on Pakistan, consolidates Donald Trump’s security help solidify

The 2,232-page draft charge gives the biggest financing increment to the US military in 15 years and makes huge interests in national needs like framework and outskirt security.

The stop on security help to Pakistan, reported by the Donald Trump organization early this year, has been fused in the $1.3 trillion spending charge that would finance the government for the rest of monetary 2018. Congressional pioneers, following quite a while of transactions, the previous evening achieved an arrangement on elected spending until September 30, two days before a due date to finance the legislature or hazard a shutdown.

The 2,232-page draft charge gives the biggest subsidizing increment to the US military in 15 years and makes noteworthy interests in national needs like foundation and outskirt security. In January, the US had suspended about $2 billion in security help to Pakistan for neglecting to clasp down on the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani Network fear gatherings and destroy their places of refuge.

As indicated by the enactment, any help to Pakistan under the “Remote Military Financing Program” might be made accessible just to help counter-fear based oppression and counter-rebellion capacities in Pakistan. The bill withholds $33 million in monetary help to Pakistan unless the Secretary of State educates the Congress that Dr Shakil Afridi is discharged from prison and cleared of all charges identifying with the help gave to the US in finding Al-Qaida boss Osama receptacle Laden.

In 30 days of the sanctioning of the Act, the Secretary of State would counsel with the Committees on Appropriations on the assets that are foreseen to be liable to the January 2018 strategy choice of the Trump organization to suspend security help for Pakistan. The Congress expects the Secretary of State to quickly educate it on account of any progressions to its present strategy alongside its defense.

For the non military personnel help to Pakistan, the omnibus spending bill solicits the Secretary from State to give a give an account of the measure of financing and other help, assuming any, gave by the Pakistan government to schools upheld by, subsidiary with, or keep running by the Taliban or any local or remote psychological oppressor association in that nation.

The Congress would likewise look for affirmation from the Defense Secretary and the Secretary of State on issues, including that the Pakistan government was coordinating with the US in counter-psychological warfare endeavors against the Haqqani Network, the Quetta Shura Taliban, the Lashkar e-Taiba, the Jaish-e-Mohammed, the Al-Qaida and other household and remote fear based oppressor associations.

Additionally, that they were finding a way to end bolster for such gatherings and keep them from basing and working in Pakistan and doing cross-outskirt assaults into neighboring nations. They likewise need to guarantee that Pakistan isn’t supporting fear based oppressor exercises against the US or coalition powers in Afghanistan, and Pakistan’s military and knowledge organizations are not interceding additional judicially into political and legal procedures.

The Defense Secretary and the Secretary of State likewise need to ensure that Pakistan is destroying ad libbed hazardous gadget (IED) arranges and prohibiting forerunner chemicals utilized as a part of the fabricate of IEDs; keeping the expansion of atomic related material and aptitude and actualizing strategies to secure legal freedom and due procedure of law.

Be that as it may, as is in every single such case, there is an arrangement of national intrigue waiver; however this should be on a case-by-case premise with legitimate clarification to the Congress, the bill says. Republican pioneers had said that the House of Representatives intends to vote today, which would soon be trailed by the Senate. The White House had on Wednesday said that the President has consented to the bill.

22 Mar 2018

Eye on India’s Agni V, China offers capable rocket following framework to Pakistan

China was the main nation to fare such delicate gear to Pakistan, the Chinese Academy of Sciences said.

In an extraordinary arrangement, China has sold Pakistan an intense following framework that could accelerate the advancement of multi-warhead rockets by its all-climate partner, the state-run Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) said. Zheng Mengwei, a specialist with the CAS Institute of Optics and Electronics in Chengdu, Sichuan region, affirmed to the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post that Pakistan had purchased an exceedingly complex, huge scale optical following and estimation framework from China.

“We essentially gave them a couple of eyes. They can utilize them to take a gander at whatever they need to see, even the Moon,” he said. Zheng said neither he could expound on the innovation nor where in Pakistan it was being utilized as it included the nation’s resistance advantages. He, in any case, said that the Pakistani military as of late conveyed the Chinese-influenced framework “at a terminating to extend” for use in testing and growing new rockets. China was the main nation to fare such delicate hardware to Pakistan, the CAS said.

The Post report ascribed the offer of the gear to Pakistan to India testing the most exceptional atomic prepared intercontinental ballistic rocket (ICBM) Agni-V with a range sufficiently long to hit Beijing or Shanghai. Chinese specialists declassified data about the offer of the following framework on Wednesday.

While India’s single-warhead rockets are greater and cover longer separations, Pakistan has concentrated its endeavors on building up numerous freely targetable reentry vehicles (MIRVs), a kind of rocket conveying a few atomic warheads that can be coordinated towards various focuses on, the report said. The US Defense Intelligence Agency authoritatively affirmed in March that Pakistan led the primary test dispatch of its atomic able Ababeel rocket in January 2017, “exhibiting South Asia’s first MIRV payload”, it said.

Be that as it may, outside Pakistan, military specialists trust that it will require considerably more investment before the Ababeel rocket is prepared for use in fight. It is believed to be still at a beginning period of advancement, with a lot of opportunity to get better. China has been the greatest provider of arms to Pakistan which included boats, submarines and contender planes.

The Chinese group that took the following framework to Pakistan delighted in VIP treatment amid the about three months remain to gather and adjust it and preparing specialized staff, the CAS articulation said. “The framework’s execution outperformed the client’s desires,” it stated, including that it was impressively more unpredictable than Pakistan’s home-made frameworks. The report did not uncover the amount Pakistan paid for the framework.

An optical framework is a basic segment in rocket testing. It for the most part accompanies a couple of elite telescopes furnished with a laser officer, fast camera, infrared finder and a brought together PC framework that consequently catches and takes after moving targets. The gadget records high-determination pictures of a rocket’s takeoff from its launcher, arrange partition, tail fire and, after the rocket re-enters the climate, the direction of the warheads it discharges.

“The uniqueness of the Chinese-made framework lay in its utilization of four telescope units, more than ordinarily required,” Zheng said. Each telescope, with a discovery scope of a few hundred kilometers, is situated in an alternate area, with their planning synchronized exactly with nuclear tickers. Together, the telescopes give visual data of extraordinary detail and exactness, which rocket designers can use to enhance outlines and motor execution, the CAS said.

Utilizing more telescopes enables the framework to track warheads at the same time from various edges, diminishing the danger of losing an objective. Superb optics are basic in rocket improvement, particularly MIRVs, said Rong Jili, agent chief at the Beijing Institute of Technology’s School of Aerospace Engineering. Different sorts of GPS beacons, for example, radar, can gather more exact information at longer separations, yet the Chinese-made optical framework gave the natural, shut everything down at genuine activity that rocket designers desired, he said.

Not at all like the US, which represents 33% of fares and supplies to no less than 100 nations, China conveyed real arms to 44 nations, generally in Asia and Africa. More than 60 for each penny of China’s military fares went to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar and another 22 for every penny went to Africa, as per a current report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

22 Mar 2018

Is MMA’s recovery confirmation that religious gatherings had lost all expectation of banding together with a solid standard gathering?

THE religious gatherings have met up in expectation of a general race. The Muttahida Majlis-I-Amal has been restored, with the JUI-F and Jamaat-I-Islami taking the principle workplaces ie president and general secretary.

The gathering should be illustrative of all shades of conclusions on the privilege of the political range. Yet, while it reflects some decision particular assention among an extensive variety of perspectives, numerous gatherings, which are right now endeavoring to declare their parts with significantly more constancy than the MMA segments, are not some portion of the cooperation.

One motivation behind the MMA at that point is contain the radical impact, other than going for the primary target of catching force where it can or possibly achieving a dealing position in spots, for example, KP. The choice of the different gatherings to be a piece of the partnership, particularly the JUI-F and JI, brings up noteworthy issues.

Is the recovery of the MMA verification that these gatherings had lost all expectation of striking some sort of an organization with a solid standard gathering? Or then again was a gathering of these conservative outfits thought to be their most solid option to pull in votes in the general race? Maybe a touch of both prompted the MMA’s rebuilding.

Situationer: Time ready for MMA gathering?

In the run-up to the races, none among the alleged mainstream parties has seemed quick to grasp a religious gathering. There was additionally acknowledgment of the need to merge the religious vote bank and to offer a unified countrywide front. It was the religious gatherings’ response to the apparently more prevalent, ‘common’ gatherings to one side and the fanatic alternative rising to their right side, in KP, Balochistan and somewhere else.

It can’t after all be a happenstance that the formal announcement of the restoration of the MMA occurred in an imperative and as far as anyone knows favorable Karachi. The city is believed to battle to locate the correct party to back in the following survey after the fall of the MQM there.

Resuscitating old circumstances when religious gatherings practiced significant impact over the voters in Karachi would maybe be one of the points of the MMA. The gatherings have been attempting without anyone else however there are so far couple of signs of an arrival to those circumstances when they flourished in specific parts of the nation.

The MMA is out to practice an alternative that exudes from an impulse all in all and emphatically felt.

22 Mar 2018

Kremlin calls Boris Johnson comparing Vladimir Putin to Hitler ‘disturbing’

The Kremlin on Thursday said British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had made “disturbing” remarks about President Vladimir Putin looking to abuse Russia’s World Cup in the way Adolf Hitler had utilized the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

“This is a totally nauseating proclamation. This is underneath the remote pastor of any nation. Obviously it is hostile and inadmissible,” said presidential representative Dmitry Peskov.

The earlier day, Johnson concurred with a kindred British MP who had recommended that “Putin will utilize it in the way Hitler utilized the 1936 Olympics”, as a purposeful publicity work out.

“I think the examination with 1936 is positively right,” the pastor answered, visualizing Putin “glorying in this donning occasion”.

The remarks came in the midst of a raising war of words amongst Russia and Britain over the harming of a Russian previous twofold operator on British soil this month. Moscow denies inclusion for the situation.

Johnson additionally brought for Russian assurances over the wellbeing of England fans at the World Cup.

22 Mar 2018

Russia as yet neglecting to claim up to doping: WADA

LAUSANNE: The leader of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) said Wednesday that Moscow’s refusal to acknowledge the discoveries of the McLaren give an account of mass doping was keeping Russia from drawing a line under the embarrassment.

The free report authorized by the organization unmasked a mass doping program set up in the vicinity of 2011 and 2015 supported by the Russian state.

WADA demands that Russia’s against doping office RUSADA will keep on being ruled rebellious until the point when Russia acknowledges the discoveries of the report and furthermore permits WADA controllers into the Moscow testing research facility.

The fundamental casualties of Russia’s inability to consent to the requests are simply the competitors, as indicated by WADA head Craig Reedie.

“Obviously the enormous washouts… are Russia’s own competitors,” he revealed to WADA’s yearly symposium.

“On the off chance that WADA can’t proclaim that Russia has a consistent NADO (against doping organization), at that point whatever remains of the world won’t be persuaded that any significant change has occurred.

“The doubt and uncertainty will proceed with.” Russia was prohibited from the Pyeongchang Olympics as a result of the doping outrage however ‘clean’ competitors from Russia were permitted to contend as neutrals.

Russia stays banished by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) until the point when RUSADA is led in congruity by WADA.

Reedie said WADA had been working with Moscow on a guide towards RUSADA consistence since January 2017.

“We have been talking about these two conditions for as far back as 15 months,” he said.

He commended the advance made by the Russian against doping office under its new administration however said that solicitations for access to the Moscow research center and the doping tests contained there have gone unanswered, he said.

“On the off chance that this is impossible, it will harm brandish, each Russian donning triumph will be addressed and the world will think that its hard to trust the change can be conveyed in that nation.” The new head of RUSADA, Yury Ganus, told columnists at the symposium that Russia expected to “change its way of life” about doping however he was not prepared to remark on the McLaren report.

“We are doing out best,” he said. “In any case, you should comprehend this is an inquiry for the express.” Russia’s specialists have reliably denied state-supported doping charges and President Vladimir Putin, chose Sunday for another six-year term, said Tuesday he would keep on defending the respect of Russian game.

22 Mar 2018

Pakistan FDI seen surging, yet some Western financial specialists fuss over Chinese impact

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan expects net remote direct speculation (FDI) to hop around 60 for every penny in 2017-18, the director of Pakistan’s Board of Investment (BoI) stated, yet some Western financial specialists seem, by all accounts, to be put off by China’s developing impact in the South Asian country.

Chinese organizations are building streets, control stations and a profound water port in Pakistan in the wake of Beijing offered more than $50 billion in subsidizing for Pakistani framework as a feature of China’s tremendous Belt and Road activity.

Chinese speculation has helped goad Pakistan’s financial development to more than 5pc, its most elevated in 10 years, while additionally expanding Beijing’s clout in Pakistan when Islamabad’s relations with the United States, a memorable partner, are fraying.

Naeem Zamindar, a state serve in charge of advancing remote interest in Pakistan, said some Western financial specialists seemed hesitant in view of a mistaken recognition that Chinese organizations would get “selective favorable circumstances” and concessions that would not take into account a notwithstanding playing field.

“A recognition was made that the Chinese are assuming control. The truth is this isn’t valid,” Zamindar told Reuters in his office in Islamabad.

“Pakistan’s legislature is clear about it: we need speculators of all tones to come in and partake in building this economy — whether American, English or Japanese.” Zamindar said some Chinese organizations building influence stations had gotten delicate advances however that was on the grounds that the cash was given by Beijing, which made such terms a state of its financing for ventures that were a piece of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a key leg of the Belt and Road foundation arrange.

In any case, for the second period of CPEC, in which a progression of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) will be set up to support Pakistan’s enterprises, Chinese organizations won’t get particular treatment, Zamindar included.

“That is totally non-unfair,” he stated, including that Pakistan’s Special Economic Zones Act stipulates no nation or organization will get particular treatment inside the SEZs.

“The (SEZ) concessions are distributed and are on the site, open to all.” Zamindar said net FDI for the budgetary year 2017/2018 (July-June) is hope to reach about $3.7 billion, with Chinese organizations giving up to 70pc of the new venture.

Net FDI has been step by step ascending since 2014/2015, when it dove to under $1 billion. It rose to $2.3bn a year ago, as indicated by national bank information.

Remote direct speculation is separate from the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor ventures. In excess of 20 CPEC ventures worth about $27bn are as of now being actualized, a senior government official told Reuters, which means either work has started on the undertakings or financing bargains have been finished.

Zamindar said aggressor assaults were forcefully down as of late and security was greatly enhanced, however a few financial specialists are unconscious of this and had an obsolete “negative picture” of Pakistan.

However general enthusiasm for Pakistan had hopped, Zaminder stated, and he would visit Britain, the United States, France and Saudi Arabia in coming a long time to advance the open doors accessible in the nation of 208 million individuals and a quick growing working class. “We are open for business.”

22 Mar 2018

Psychometrics: How Facebook information helped Trump discover his voters

It would one say one was of the several charming polls that were shared generally on Facebook and other online networking sites, similar to “which pokemon would you say you are?” and “what are your most utilized words?”

This one, an application called “thisismydigitallife”, was an identity test, making inquiries about how friendly a man is, the manner by which wrathful one can be, regardless of whether one completions ventures, stresses a considerable measure, likes craftsmanship, or is garrulous.

Around 320,000 individuals took the test, planned by a man named Alexsandr Kogan.

Kogan was contracted to do it by an organization called Cambridge Analytica, established by US Republican supporters including Steve Bannon, who might turn into the strategist for Donald Trump.

Since Kogan’s application was circled by means of Facebook, it procured significantly something other than the data on the individuals who took the test. At the time, in 2015, such applications could rub up all the individual subtle elements of the test takers as well as all their Facebook companions.

That at last turned into a crowd of information on somewhere in the range of 50 million Facebook clients — their own data, their preferences, their places, their photos, and their systems.

Advertisers utilize such data to pitch autos, garments, and excursions with focused promotions. It was utilized as a part of prior decisions by contender to recognize potential supporters. Yet, for Kogan and Cambridge, it was a considerably greater goldmine. They utilized it for mental profiling of US voters, making a capable database that helped convey Trump to triumph in the 2016 presidential race.

The information let the Trump crusade know more than maybe anybody has ever thought about Facebook clients, making focused on promotions and informing that could play on their individual inclinations, fears and adores — viably making a bond amongst them and the hopeful.

Psychometric profiling

The venture depended on crafted by a previous Cambridge researcher, Michal Kosinski, who ponders individuals in light of what data they produce on the web.

Kosinski and kindred scientist David Stillwell had for quite a long while took advantage of Facebook for psychometric profiling utilizing their own identity test application, “myPersonality”.

The application amassed six million test comes about, alongside clients’ Facebook profiles, and their companions’ profiles, in a capable research database.

In 2015 they distributed an investigation conveying the striking title: “PC based identity judgments are more exact than those made by people.” They appeared, for instance, that they could divine a genuinely precise psychometric picture of a man utilizing just their Facebook “likes”.

“PCs outpacing people in identity judgment presents critical openings and difficulties in the territories of mental evaluation, advertising, and protection,” they composed.

Kosinski would not impart the database to Kogan and Cambridge Analytica, supposedly knowing it would be utilized for a political battle.

However, Kogan made his own particular application test and, through that, amassed the database on 50 million individuals that would be the foundation of Trump’s online networking effort.

Facebook now says Kogan did that illicitly. What’s more, it has since additionally limited applications from such wide information accumulation on companion systems.

Intense outcomes

Yet, Cambridge Analytica demonstrated that Kosinski’s strategies were capable. They began with the standard mental profiling test known as Big Five or OCEAN, which measures five qualities: receptiveness, scruples, extroversion, appropriateness and neuroticism.

The test-taker answers a rundown of explanations like “I am somebody who has a tendency to be sorted out” or “who once in a while feels energized” or “has couple of creative interests,” utilizing a scale from “firmly concur” to “emphatically oppose this idea”.

Those fundamental outcomes were joined with the information raked from Facebook profiles and companion systems, partner longer arrangements of attributes.

For instance, to sort voters, a calculation could discover connects between “suitability” or “neuroticism” and sexual orientation, age, religion, pastimes, travel, particular political perspectives, and a large group of different factors.

The information created a unimaginable at least 4,000 information focuses on every US voter, as per Alexander Nix, Cambridge Analytica’s CEO, before he was suspended on Tuesday.

The energy of psychographic information, specialists say, isn’t in the granularity itself, yet in joining information to make noteworthy connections about individuals — something with requires effective PC calculations.

At last, it enabled the battle to discover much more about voters than anybody ever has previously. The yield was given something to do in what Nix called “behavioral microtargeting” and “psychographic informing”.

All the more essentially stated, the battle could put out messages, news and pictures through Facebook and other online networking that was finely focused to press the correct catches on a person that would push them into Trump’s voter base.

For Trump, it worked.

“In the event that you know the identity of the general population you’re focusing on, you would nuance be able to your informing to reverberate all the more successfully with those key gathering of people gatherings,” Nix said in a 2016 introduction.

22 Mar 2018

Israel protection serve says 2007 Syria strike was a ‘message’ to adversaries

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Wednesday that a 2007 strike on a speculated Syrian atomic reactor was a message to his nation’s adversaries after the military recognized the attack out of the blue.

“The inspiration of our adversaries has expanded as of late, however the quality of our armed force, our aviation based armed forces, and our insight abilities have expanded contrasted and the capacities we had in 2007,” Lieberman said in an announcement.

“This condition ought to be considered by everybody in the Middle East.”

Knowledge Minister Yisrael Katz was more express, particularly naming Iran.

“The gutsy choice of the Israeli government very nearly 11 years prior to devastate the atomic reactor in Syria and the fruitful activity tailing it sends a reasonable message: Israel will never enable atomic weapons to nations like Iran who undermine its reality,” he composed on Twitter.

Prior on Wednesday, Israel’s military formally conceded doing the best mystery assault and discharged recently declassified material identified with the activity.

The affirmation comes as Israel strengthens its notices over the nearness of its fundamental foe Iran in neighboring Syria.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has additionally over and over required the atomic arrangement between world forces and Iran to be changed or wiped out.

Netanyahu as of late cautioned that Israel will “never let Iran create atomic weapons”.

The 2007 strike happened at a leave site in the Deir Ezzor area of eastern Syria on what Israel says was an atomic reactor under development.

It had for some time been broadly accepted that Israel completed the strike. Syria has denied it was building an atomic reactor.

22 Mar 2018