The awesome game of hiding and finding: boy, 8, hidden in hot car

While changing heat in Melbourne, a child was hidden in a car park before being found in a delicate condition inside the hot car.

According to the Wikipedia Police, yesterday morning, in the Western regions of western provinces, mother has dropped her children into an elementary school.

But he did not understand one of them, an 8-year-old boy was hiding behind the van.

Then mother refused to move to work in the newport. He found it within 2.45.
The boy took the hospital where he lived in a delicate condition.

Police said “he has forced his car to work and park.

“The mother of this boy kept him in the car and was brought to the hospital where he remained in a stable condition.” The police are suffering as an accident. ”

This boy was treated in the Royal Children’s Hospital for a nights. It has been confirmed that the nearby nearby was the son of a new member of the Newport Gardens Primary School Staff.

This school was located about 100 meters from this school.
A Department of Education spokesman said that he is providing support to boy’s family, students and teachers.
In Melbourne, Tripoli extended over 30C, which reached 32 km 3 o’clock.

But inside the inside of a vehicle, outside the air temperature can be twice as hot.

In the summer, it can be more than 30 C.

The police, paramedics and fire brigade staff were shifted to normal but police said they did not have to break in the car to reach the vehicle.

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Nearby residents told Herald sun that he did not recognize him or found out whether the boy lives in the street or not.

One said “this is just a sad state.”

“I can not imagine who the parents are going through. It is sad that the way it happened – especially when the kids engage.”

According to the police protocol, with the help of the murder squad, local spies were called to investigate. As a result, the police has cured the incident.

In the inner west of Melbourne, a student at Catholic Primary School of St. Margaret Mary in Spotswood, where children are being consulted.
Boy’s school is less than 4km where he was found at the Madrid Order, Newport.

Stephen Elder, executive director of Catholic education Melbourne, said the students and staff are being assisted in the boy’s school.

“Tomorrow this incident, after the incident, students and staff of St. Margaret Mary’s Spotsway students are being advised when a car of a total school family got in a car.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of children and school community.”

Ambulance Victoria’s data shows that a fast four children have been left to turn into hot cars.

Last year, the parameters called a laborer 1562 calls to save children or leave the children in cars.

The newport, local Wendy Colebab, warned that a car may be a minor loss before leaving a child in a car.

As a young mother, she left her son to run in a shop for a five minute in a car, and it came back to convinced uselessly.

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“I feel sorry for the parents.” Only you will forget the car how it can be hot in the car. It may be fatal if you are not cautious. “

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