Couple’s quarrel over KFC chicken winds up in court

A couple’s contention in the course of the last bit of KFC chicken has wound up in court.

The Whanganui District court has caught wind of a contention between a man and his sweetheart which began once again a telephone call – yet advanced to a contention over his narrow-mindedness for completing off the dinner.

Cameron Wilson’s accomplice blamed him for being egotistical when he ate the last aiding of KFC – inciting her to get a pottle of potato and sauce and tossing it at his head.

Sergeant Drew Morrison disclosed to Whanganui District Court on Wednesday how things immediately raised bringing about Wilson punching his accomplice in the back of the head.

He conceded to a charge of attacking his accomplice.

Wilson additionally conceded to a disconnected accuse of driving of overabundance breath liquor and driving while suspended, NZME revealed.

Judge Philip Crayton sentenced him to 100 hours group work, 12 months supervision and precluded him from driving for six months.

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