Czech Kazakhs arrest the manicion in Kazakhstan’s capital

Six Czechs were arrested in Kazakhstan when they took the Neen Green Bourgeois style “Mainkins” in the capital Austaina.

Before sixth signs before sixth trouble ran into trouble, “At this time I love Astana, despite wearing his pants in clothes, and wigging in the wig”, despite catching Kazakhstan’s frozen Kazakhstan .

Harm Mankey, most of which exits the body, famously known for the role of celebrity, conservative and sexual-personality television Kazakhstani television, after being attracted to the Cododine True Baron priest in the hit film bourgeoisie Went.
“On Friday, the Czech Republic, on Saturday, detained a Car Park in a car park near the center of the exhibition,” said Svetlie Klela Bekova, a press spokesman for the Kazakhstani Interior Ministry. “He was charged with a public order offense.”
In their sub-zero temperatures, their goals can not be public to wear Maniak, but Astana’s court for stunt has declared about $ 100 each of the six checks.

Though some of Central Asia’s people felt surprisingly, others took their check on the internet to check, on a Kazakhstani news agency on a new post, with which “the police were to freeze them.” Was left for. ”

Another wrote that “foreign foreigners should be kept in prison for 15 days.”

The hunger film aimed at the pubs was presented in some angry film, which could prevent the strongest hazard in Kazakhstan. According to Borat, local wine, for instance, is made of urine, and gay men need to wear blue hats.

At the time of his release in 2006, Kazakhstan banned the film and gave a trial of Cohen, who wrote and prepared it along with Borat.

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