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New Zealand’s benchmark index sinks over 8,000 because the birth energy and the muffer dropped, while Xero did not export anything from the recent sale.

The S & P / NZX50 Index fell 8.06 points, or 0.1%, 7 799 9.94. Inside index, 23 stocks fall, 19 rose and eight are worse. The change was $ 186 million.

Metro performance glass reduced the rate of 86% to 86 percent index, while the initial value increased from 3.5% to 2.375 dollars. Forward Batter Broker, David Price said that the birth has released monthly data figures today.

The price said, “Their second worst was 3,400 subscribers.” “One of the things we have seen in the past is that the cost of acquiring the customer has increased, the last number was about salary in almost a month because they create people. I am not saying the stage is still But there is something that you do not want to start again because it becomes part of a race at the bottom of the retail. ”
The mainfront increased by 1.5 percent to $ 23.75. Transport and Logistics Group has rejected half the results of its own expectations, but there is still more advanced multiple multiplying trades for depriving any frustration. The Oakland-based company said today the profit increased by $ 42.8 million to $ 42.2 million in six months on September 30. Sales increased by $ 1.2 billion to $ 1.2 billion.

In the first six months of the year, strong trade was indicated in Australia and New Zealand, and to improve the results in Europe, which attracted the poorest results in America and Asia. Stock is trading every year by about 20 folds up to 2018 per year, and Manfreet said that today the expectation of full profit is expected.

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The price says “there were more than one office, which resulted in an impact, it is expected to be a second part of the second second, so we will see that some people are being converted, maybe $ 2 Or less than $ 3 million. ”

“It’s not so much that it can be published first when it comes out, the call-by-call may be possible to get a little comfort.” The price is that I look at the dropdown of profits. ”

Xero performed best, which increased by 4 percent, $ 32.67, after re-bouncing from recent sales, announced announcements to deal with NZX. Shares are 4% lower than last Friday’s announcement.

The Shanghai Holdings increased by 2.2 percent to 2.38 dollars, and SkyCity Entertainment Group increased from 1.8 percent to $ 3.92.

Outside the benchmark index, Abhin Healthcare Group dipped 0.2% to $ 9.75. He said that the first half of the profit falls because the client will not get acquisition of clinical clinic immediately in Tashkent, and transferring its biggest limo exercises will attract some costs.

Flat Family Wines increased 0.7% to 1.50 dollars. The company, which is administered by the US businessman Bill Flouy, has approved MT Tucleus Alcohols to approve about $ 55 million, Overseas Investment Office.

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