Egypt expels prominent Lebanese political anchor person

Daoud’s expulsion comes in the midst of a developing crackdown on media that has seen scores of columnists attempted in court and imprisoned


CAIRO: Egypt on Monday captured and ousted famous anchor person Liliane Daoud, security and airplane terminal sources said, hours after the Lebanese columnist declared the cancelation of her TV program.

Daoud’s expulsion comes in the midst of a developing crackdown on media that has seen scores of writers attempted in court and imprisoned. Her appear, on the exclusive On TV system, vanished from wireless transmissions after the channel was sold by tycoon Egyptian financial specialist Naguib Sawiris in May.

“This is a crusade against respectable media and free news coverage all we were doing was displaying a respectable show so we don’t comprehend what we are being rebuffed for,” said Amer Tamam, the project’s proofreader in-boss.

The appear, Al-Soura Al-Kamila (the full picture), had drawn both recognition and feedback for its scope of questionable political points just once in a while investigated on Egypt’s overwhelmingly expert government wireless transmissions. Daoud was taken from her home on Monday by travel permit control authorities, who said her work visa was no more substantial after the cancelation of her appear, security sources told Reuters.

Daoud’s legal advisor, Ziad al-Alemi, advised Reuters he had been not able achieve his customer after she was detained.”Liliane Daoud has formally been enforcedly vanished and we are going to document a police report … we don’t know where she is,” Alemi said.

Airplane terminal sources later affirmed that Daoud had been set on a plane on the way to Beirut.”I am declaring the official end of my agreement with On TV following five years that started in 2011,” Daoud posted on her Twitter account in the blink of an eye before her capture.

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