Experts have warned that the spread of black plate can be frustrated

A specialist has warned that more than 140 people have died in Madagascar, one of which can lead to a fixed tension.

Ebola can spread disease in Europe and America through the airport in 2014, even though ten African countries have already warned about the symptoms of infection.

Now Professor Paul Hunter has warned that, when it is easy to face disease in its current form for an advanced country, according to Dale Mel, it fears that it is more dangerous.

Hunter, a disease expert at East England University told the Daily Star: “If it reaches to the UK, Europe or America will be like Ebola’s spread.
“We will have a few separate cases, but there should be no such spread in such a Madagascar.

“As any disease, it is a real worry that it mutates and become untreatable.”

Over 2000 people have been affected during the current flood in Madagascar and 143 people have been killed, which are the worst incidents in the country for 50 years.

Most of these cases have been pneumonia, which contain more deadly forms of boboos, which destroyed Europe’s population in the 1300s.

While Babylon spreads through the affected affected fleet, usually the cough is spread through the pneumonia.

Symptoms often contain blood feeds with severe fever, headache and cough.
It may be deadly within 72 hours of infection, although instantly administered if treated with antibiotics.

Even though fear can spread to other countries, there are symptoms that infections in Madagascar have decreased.
Dr Manitra Rakakrovoni, director of the Madaskar Health Development Director, said: “Fighting against fixture is a major improvement, which means less hospitals in the hospitals.

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“In recent days.

There are places of health checkpoints in the country, traveling on passenger buses and taxes, check checks with the thermometer are required.

There is only one check in banks and schools, and prices of 100,000 to 220,000 ariary (27-60 euros, US $ 31- $ 69) have increased in infrared infrared editing business.

Schools and universities have been closed from the ban on public gathering.

According to the World Health Organization, the present wage is unusual because it has increased the risk of transmission to urban areas.

WHO has conducted 1.2 million antibiotics to fight disease, while Red Cross has taken steps to train civilian volunteers on the island. Ebooks

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