Explore the explorer of the missing ‘Papua New Guinea missing in the jungle’

His agent has said, after missing a remote forest in a Papua New Guinea, after fear of his family’s family fear, he was afraid to protect.

According to Daily Telegraph reports, Benedict Allen was known as the main range three weeks ago, dropped by the helicopter in the northwest of the country and has not been heard.

The 57-year-old Darpoor Morsabbi, a 57-year-old flight from the Rail Geography Society in Hawaii to fly on Tuesday, talks on Tuesday.

Before he left, he wrote on Twitter and on his website that he could not be heard for some time, but his family is still afraid of protecting them.
His agent, Juna Sarsby told Daily Mail: “His wife Lencka did not listen to him. He is very worried. Nothing has happened until he will ever remember Hong Kong’s talk. . ”
Allen, three’s father, was trying to find the tribe of the Yehf, the rest of the remaining tribes are not left on the ground, who belong to the outside world.

Serbi said that Yuf was “quite a terrible group” and it was really not “strange” Alan Schedule.

She is an experienced explorer, who saves herself among the locals. Their charming campaigns include crossing the Gobi Desert and the Amazon Basin. Once lost in the rain, they had to cook once their dog.

Alan made “contact out first” with the Utti tribes 30 years ago and “to make a brief record of his life, if possible, to find out some of them … who remembers me Will “.
“On the occasion, who knows whether Joppa will do it, or be closed or worn jeans or t-shirt before the old mission station, but surely I can not even do it there. A lot through corrupt areas Hard addiction

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“Nor do I have a clear source of return to the outer world, in which anything is worried, especially in my modern age. Or I helped to crush the river for one or a week or – Yaifo. The list should be included, as I last done; We managed to get only the recorded crossing of the main range. So, if this website or my twitter account is more than the usual silence – I’ll come to the end of the mid-November – that’s why I’m out there. ”
He said “just like the good old days” he was not taking a satellite phone, GPS or travel partner.

In a post on Twitter on October 11, Allen wrote: “It’s going away from elephants. I can be some time (do not try to save me, please – I’m going to the PNG, you ever Will not even know …)) ”

An external office spokesman said: “Our staff is helping the British residents, who have been missing in Papua New Guinea and are contacting local authorities.”

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