The female prisoner still escaped from the hospital during the treatment of cancer

A prisoner handed her arms to her colleagues while curing her cancer at the colleague’s hospital. It’s still going on after a month.

Images of new CCTVs are unusual through the hospital, change clothes and their shoulders as they save them from time to time.

Natasha Jane Streckland was on the remand regarding the use of drugs at the Oklahoma Regional Women’s Rehabilitation Facility, but the guard was moved to the hospital, to release cancer treatment.

41-year-old child escaped in the early morning of October 19.
The hospital has been issued under an email sent to the hospital staff, and the government information act has been issued, indicating that a patient was missing early this morning in the morning.

“We have enabled our security procedures, including limited access to Auckland City Hospital, and increasing the security of the growing number,” the email said. We are in touch with the reforms and the police. ”

The hospital said the hospitals were open for patients and guests, but some areas will need access to swipe card.

A CCTV still shows Staff that Stackland runs a light colored bone and a hospital wearing a mountainous hometown. The staff was not threatened to go to her, but she had seen him asking for 777 and “code seriousness”.

In 3.35 another email was dispatched, in which the other picture of sterilic was wearing a black single and was sent to all staff by looking at his shoulders. Staff told that 777 he saw the woman in the “potential event”.
Stackland’s case lasted 10-7 police officers, Votakkar helped find him with a police request.

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He was described as 167 km long and solid construction. Police said they actively avoided them and have contacts in Auckland.

The police confirmed last night that they could not get sterilic yet but are jointly investigating it.

The refusal to refuse the reforms, now the problem was a police matter. A complete investigation is being done by the reforms in this incident, but it does not know if the inquiry is over.

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