There are hidden messages between the TRR RR and Wikiquote

During his 2016 election, the oldest son of the President Donald Tampus released a series of private Twitter conversations between his and Wikileaks, which includes the desire to promote his writing from the website.

Hours after the release of the Donald’s Trinity Junior Messages on Twitter, the Automotive reported the drug. In exchange – some of them around this time are issuing a stolen email to the website of Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign – WikiLeaks has appreciated the positive opinion of his father about Wikileaks and the trumpet Talk to the journal to leave his father’s tax return on the site.

These things make sure that the Congress wants to increase the demands of the TRR RR, in general elections in Russian elections as evidence of several committee examinations in general. And they include a new element to investigate the trumpet campaign in any way with the Russian government.

In the intelligence assessment released last January, the NSA, CIA and the FBI concluded that Russian military intelligence hacked DNA information and “Senior Democratic Officer” of “vaccines”. . Wikiquote has rejected that Russia was the source of emails in which they were released, including Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta.
Triumph Jarres has given private messages issued three times to Wikileaks account, which once agreed “Asking” about the committee of a political action. He also asked the site about rumor about the coming leak. Messages started in September 2016 and ran in July.

Traumar Junior shocked the conversion as he released them.

He tweeted “Who is also the entire channel of the messages with wikileaks (with my 3 replies in my interpretation), which a Congress committees has chosen for election lectures.” “How reasonable!”

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Trap Junior’s lawyer is investigating Russian intervention in the 2016 elections in 2016 and there are links to Trump’s campaign that the release of three Congress committees has been released.

In a statement, Trump Junior’s lawyer said that thousands of documents have been removed to committees.

“Leave the question that by which or by which the Congress has been provided under confidentiality promises, we are confidently confident that there is no fear about these documents and Any questions about the question have been answered easily. In the proper forum, “said Alan Futerfas.
Futrassas did not say that he was referring to the forum, but Trumpier interviewed a closed door by the staff of the St. Justice Committee in September. The person familiar with this meeting said that private Twitter messages were discussed. This person has been denied to indicate that this interview has not been copied.

In a October 3, 2016, Wikiquake sent a Twitter account to Trump GR, which included an important article in which Clinton described the Weekly Editor Julian Asanj and said “this is good If you guys can comment on her story /. ”

Trumpier replied: “It had already happened. It’s amazing how it can be done.”

After two minutes, Trum Jun sent another message: “What do I study behind this Wednesday lecture?”

Long Term Trump Association, Roger Stones tweeted that day on Wednesday, “How Clinton has done,” referring Wikileaks.

Wikiquote twitter accounts never answered, but day later Wikiquake started pausing the podcast stolen emails. After releasing emails, Wikiquake sent Tramp GR to a searchable email link. Trump Junior tweeted that two days later, on October 14, 2016, Atlantic told.

The rest of the messages are a sided, along with sending Wikispecies to Trump Junior messages by July 2017. These include the testimony to mention about their parent’s campaign campaign, requesting trim tax on this site, and on-election advice. If they lose then the trap should not be recognized. One message said Trump has encouraged Australia to set as Assistant as the American ambassador.
In July, Twitter JS asked Twitter JS to send a message to the meeting held with the Russians and other email address to other trump associations. Trap J.

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Vice President Mike Pass instantly responded to holding a statement by the Press Press Secretary that he did not know anything about the situation.

Spokesman William Al-Islam said, “There was never a vice president about any person associated with the contact campaign with VoiceLeaks.” “He first learned this news from a published report before today’s news.”

Assentant tweeted after the Atlantic report that he could not confirm the messages, but then defended them after Trap.

Assange tweeted “Wikibeaks are displeasing in transparency through these people by assuring them their interest.”

On Tuesday, former WikiLeaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson said he never met anyone in the tour campaign. Hrafnsson said he could not say that a team of the WikiLeaks team had met with the Trump staff, who was nominated for the time of the Republican Republic, in the beginning of 2016 with their full-time role in the organization. Stepped away

Democrats immediately reacted to the report, Trumpier gave more information. Adam Shafee, representative of the Democrat California at the top of the House Intelligence Committee, says, “There is a voluntarily demonstrated at the highest level of Trump Campaign to accept foreign aid.”

According to the company’s CEO, before choosing to get Clinton-related emails, Schiff told Cambridge Analytics, a data firm that worked for the trump campaign and went out of Wikileaks.

A member of the Senate Justice Committee, Democratic Center, said, “The documents should be submitted to the panel and publicly witness the trumpet journal.”
Bloom Hall said, “There is no proper explanation for these messages.”

Chairman of the Senate Justice Chuck Grossley had said that he will call the Trump Journal, which will usually be witnessed after private interview in September. But in previous months, despite the differences between the Democrats and the panel, the talks were discussed.

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House and Senate intelligence committees are expected to interview a trip journal, but his interview is expected to be behind the doors.


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