Igor Halin: “This year is committed to common races”

Around five months have gone starting now and into the foreseeable future, both over the traverse of a single day of voting September 18, 2016 the voters of the Tyumen zone have conveyed their will in the race of government and neighborhood parliaments delegates.

Arranging and lead of races of any level is continually finished with the joint effort of the specialists, society and the media. Overseer of the Electoral Commission of the Tyumen region, Igor Hulin allowed acknowledgments oblizbirkoma author “Tyumen zone today,” Konstantin Eliseev – for their cleaned aptitude and element bolster in the extent of the game plan and direct of races of the State Duma of the seventh get together and Tyumen Regional Duma of the sixth meeting || Photo by Yuri Komolova.

Preceding the race commissions of all levels are the fast assignments for the arranging and holding of choices to operator bodies. A gage of the work of race commissions in the race time of 2016 and achievable plans for the present year with the every day paper said the executive of the choice commission of the Tyumen district, Igor Hulin.

– Igor, after the single day of voting September 18, 2016 you have called the races a champion among the most objective situated campaigns coordinated in the Russian Federation over the earlier decade. Tell me, how are evaluated on the national level and the level of the delayed consequences of the choices held a year back in the Tyumen locale?

– First of all, I should take note of that a definitive aftereffect of the September 2016 choice fights announced January 26, 2017. At a meeting of the committee on spending arrangement, evaluations and records of the Tyumen Regional Duma heard the budgetary report of the Chairman of the Regional Electoral Commission for the game plan and holding of choice fights in the area. It is essentially after the results of the race time span financial results in 2016 can be considered formally wrapped up.

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As for the examination of the results of really broad scale race a year back, he held 21-22 December 2016 over the traverse of an enormous the country over meeting. Under the sponsorship of the Central Election Commission, it was held in the Moscow zone. The meeting was gone to by chiefs of race commissions of all the Russian Federation. The outcomes of the choices of the legislature and commonplace levels. In like manner of the activities of race commissions of subjects of the Russian Federation different chiefs, including me, thanks revealed by the Central Election Commission. This progression is in assurance a better than average gage of the level of status and direct of choice fights in the region, and furthermore insistence of the way that the Tyumen area is among the pioneers among the Russian areas. I am induced that such a result was refined over the traverse of total work of choice commissions at all levels, and moreover as a result of the relationship of the Regional Election Commission with the locals, general society, open masters and areas in the region, political get-togethers and the media.

– What are the key troubles to improve the work of choice commissions, the participation with general society, the voters would you have recognized as at-need in 2017?

– In the nearest arranges – doing February 17, 2017 Open Day at the choice commission of the Tyumen range in the arrangement of the All-Russian Young Voter Day. Orchestrated a rich program for the individuals from these events, we invite tenants of the Tyumen territory, as a young voter’s Day will be complimented in the common concentration, and in the regions of the area.

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If we talk about the errands to improve the work of choice commissions, at the All-Russian meeting in Decem-D 2016 of executives of race commissions thought was revolved around the criticalness of race campaigns at all levels. In particular, it is relied upon to give cautious thought to the arranging and direct of the city races. At the edge of the head and put the arrangement of our accomplices working in the region and territorial choice commissions. Overseer of the Central Electoral Commission, Ella Pamfilova highlighted that the relationship of such get ready will be one of the guideline endeavors of this present year for the choice commissions of all levels.

In March-April of the present year it is needed to another gigantic meeting with the officials of race commissions of subjects of the Russian Federation. It is depended upon to inspect the game plans for the presidential races in the Russian Federation. Possibly this is one of the best challenges defying both the CEC and race commissions of the subjects before and spaces.

– Igor, in what capacity may you portray which began in 2017 with respect to

constituent techniques on the area of the Tyumen region?

– It is protected to call the 2017 th year of city races, as in the present year will be secured just in races to operator gatherings of adjacent self-government. To be exceptionally critical time of race fights in the United Voting Day September 10, 2017 races to the Duma Vagayskogo Ishim and metropolitan areas. It will be re-decided for the entire sythesis data appoint bodies, works 15 delegates in each of Doom.

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Key metropolitan races held last Sunday: February 5, 2017 common Malkovskaya picture

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