In the Tyumen school entertainers, children are taught to place stock in heavenly events

XVI open between nearby festival challenge “childish fun” on the commence of children’s recreational and educational concentration “immature republic” fans gathered dear undertaking novel “Harry Potter.”

50 years after the event, which happened with Harry Potter, the camp “childish republic” open a branch school of Witchcraft and Wizardry “Hogwarts.” Become an understudy of the school had the opportunity to everyone. The fundamental condition – you need to have confidence in charm and need to work considers.

More than 200 children from different urban zones of the Urals from 7 to 17 years to test themselves in vanquishing the blocks while in transit to self-change, which they masterminded the otherworldly labyrinth of confounding meanders carelessly. It was only for honest to goodness. Understudies were given “transcripts” of young performers with whom they went to classes in the assets. About your objective energetic wizards picked up from charm top. In school, we manage the fitting apparel direction. Charm wands, sweepers and mantle were added to the photo of the individuals air of puzzle and charm. Spy Game, bunch missions, laser tag redirected each one of the occupants of “Hogwarts”. Completing favorable

shaped the insightful year in the school of witchcraft was separate by the conceding of the best otherworldly entertainers.

Despite the “charm” of the festival people with pleasure we went to the classroom of gaudy craftsmanship, endeavored himself in different workshops dealing with the calling of radio and TV mediator, mind blowing organic layout, music programming. He substantiated himself in the work of numerous social affairs.

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Along these lines, the people from the theater. Dikovskogo showed aims play on the toon “The Lion King.” Incendiary social affair of the festival was the “Club of Friends of good demeanor” under the heading of Julia Nikitenko, the educator of an additional preparation of the most surprising ability characterization, the champ of Russian and overall competitions. Energetic people from the club – besspornye pioneers in masterminding events and displays and manifestations of entertainment shows.

With its program, performed before a group of people “Rebyachki” Studio Theater “Columbine” at the Yekaterinburg State Theater Institute. The gathering included posterity of school age from 6 to 17 years. Theater Festival was allowed a thorough round of addressing for the play “The Bremen Town Musicians”.

Happy with the guests of the festival and move gaming pack “Boombox”, following up on the introduce of discretionary school № 25 of the second hotel of the city of Tyumen. People are affirmations, victors of city, nearby and Russian contentions.

The festival completed with “unusual fun” concede champs and a youths’ disco. This meeting in the Tyumen earth people will recall for a long time, and in the wake of returning home, tell about fraternity event in many parts of the Urals.

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