India’s ‘gold man’ pounded the life out of before child

PUNE: Datta Phuge, the Pune representative who came to be known as the “gold man” after he was shot in an unadulterated gold shirt a couple of years prior, was supposedly pounded the life out of before his child toward the end of last night, Indian media reported.

The 48-year-old was discovered dead at an expansive ground at an opportune time Friday morning. Phuge was allegedly assaulted by twelve men who dragged him out of his auto, hit him with a sickle and beat him to death with tremendous stones before fleeing. His 22-year-old child, who was additionally present, was saved.

The police say Mr Phuge and his child were welcomed by one of the suspects for a birthday festivity. Police suspect a money related debate and have kept four persons.

Four years back, the prominent agent made a vital picture in a 22-carat gold shirt worth over Rs. one crore, with Swarovski gem catches and a coordinating gold belt. It was charged as the world’s most costly shirt and intended to get the attention effectively.

The 3.5 kg shirt, created by 15 laborers from Bengal as per legend, got him took note.

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