Janitor winning $375k a year found covering up in storage room

A San Francisco janitor who earned over US$271,000 (NZ$375,000) a year has been gotten supposedly stowing away in a storage room for quite a long time as opposed to working.

The charged janitor, Liang Zhao Zhang, was on a base pay of US$57,945 in 2015 working for Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) framework.

Be that as it may, records discharged by the non-benefit Transparent California appear also he earned over US$162,050 additional in extra time installments.

An examination by US news station KTVU uncovered the extra time he guaranteed for included working about 20 hours a day, for 18 days in a row in July 2015.

They additionally report he worked all day hours amid his yearly leave.

“It’s completely unbelievable,” Transparent California’s Robert Fellner told KTVU.

“For janitors that is disgusting! It’s unconscionable.”

KTVU approached the vehicle framework directors for video proof of what Mr Zhang did amid his work.

Reconnaissance film indicated him consistently vanishing into a capacity storage room.

On the principal day he went into the wardrobe twice, once for 54 minutes and the second time for around a hour and a half.

On another event he entered the storage room for a hour and a half the first run through, and 78 later on.

BART has guarded Mr Zhang’s activities.

“He’s buckled down, he’s finished the assignments, so I remain by the work he’s done,” boss transportation officer Roy Aguilera told KTVU.

No less than 49 different janitors brought home more than US$100,000 in 2015. BART has never inspected them.

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