Jeff session uranium demands another Clinton report report

US Attorney General Jeff Session has to take care of determining another special consultation to investigate a joint Republican concern, including alleged deficit by the rental foundation of Russia and the uranium company – and they direct senior front prosecutors. According to a letter obtained from the Washington Post, report at least one of the least cases and its top deputy.

It was revealed in response to the Justice Department to inquire of the Chief Justice of the Justice Department Committee, Robert W. Committee, who was told in September and then in September to investigate the concerns about 2016 elections. Asked to appoint a special lawyer. after this.

The list of cases that wanted to be investigated in this case was extensive, but in this FBI joined a private email server to handle the investigation of Hillary Clinton while he was the Secretary of State, various matters of Clinton Foundation and Many issues were related to purchase. The Canadian mining company, Uranium, auctioned by Russia’s nuclear power agency.

Goodlatte took the exclusive special purpose of former director of the FBI, James B. Comy, and among other things, he asked Demand to ask for special advice about each other who directs talks with President Trump.
In response, Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Bouwood wrote that the session “directed senior federal prosecutors to review specific issues raised in your letter”.

He wrote that they would report these prosecutors “to the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, and accordingly, if any case could not be opened under investigation, then under investigation There is no need for further resources or not, any matter has the right to appoint special advice. ”

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President Trump has repeatedly criticized his Justice Department that he does not investigate conservatively conservative concerns, recently saying authorities “want to see Democrats.”

Session letter can be seen by anyone, especially on the left, as an inefficient turn in political pressure.

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