Justin Trudeau tried to guide the ‘local issues’ from the Geneva ordinance

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trouo asked Janda Orders about local issues when the pair would meet together in the ASEAN leaders’ summit in the Philippines.

He said that New Zealand and Canada governments shared common values on climate change, feminine foreign policy and developmental trade.
“We have many discussions in the past few days, but it is an opportunity to communicate with a mutual relationship [and] we have jointly shared the values.”

“Whether it is a developmental commercial agenda, whether they are looking for climate change, whether we are talking about the lady how we are developing women’s international development policy and foreign policy.”

One topic Mr. Trudeau said was that there were local issues about really he wanted to speak with MRR.

“I’ve been very impressed – and we have a lot of work – local matters. You have different but similar challenges and views, and I think we can learn more from each other. Are there. ”

Meanwhile, Ms. Orders took the opportunity to put Mr Trudeau on the spot.

He joked, “I will put a strange position to invite you to the media in front of the media.”

“It’s on public record – you should feel free to do it.”

Later he said that “precise” invitation Mr Torouu is working there in New Zealand so that he can see Antarctica to see it.

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