Max Key under fire for “Photoshopped” mystery snap

Max Key has paddled into some dispute with a snap showing a shark plainly beside him as he used a stand-up paddleboard.

“Sublime sh**! I didn’t comprehend this shark was here until I looked recording!” the DJ and offspring of past Prime Minister John Key created on his Facebook post.

As a noteworthy part of the post, Key nudged an announcement coming up on Tuesday – however the thought has rather been revolved around the staggeringly low-quality shark in the photo.

He was gotten down on about modifying the snap by expert Sam, who shared a higher quality photo of a shark looking strikingly like Key’s.

Regardless, Key didn’t snack.

“Haters will express it’s fake,” he wrote in his own specific comment.

Sam’s one of a kind comment has since been deleted, which he says was done by Key.

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