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Waitangi may no longer host the national day’s legitimate celebrations, after Prime Minister Bill English said he was keen on taking the acknowledgments on visit.

Te Tii Marae is following by its decision to charge media $10,000 for access to film Waitangi acknowledgments, and now the gathering’s decision to shield the Prime Minister from talking at the marae on February 6 could see them lose the Government’s closeness absolute.

Duncan Garner: Te Tii Marae can stick it where the sun don’t shimmer

Talking after the Iwi Leaders’ Forum at Waitangi today, Mr English said going to was “worth analyzing”.

ACT pioneer David Seymour floated the idea a month back, saying the “direct of a bit of social affair of on and on surly activists has changed Waitangi Day into a yearly political jubilee,” and that the Government should visit a substitute marae consistently.

Mr English will be in Auckland this Waitangi Day and says he expects general society and iwi would get a handle on the likelihood of the Government moving around on Waitangi Day.

“I don’t think there’d be any absence of eagerness from iwi, they’d be falling over themselves to allow to their close-by gatherings.”

He says the Treaty was set apart in different places and going to would give New Zealanders who don’t live in the far north a chance to understand the significance to their neighborhood.

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