National Parliament Dennis Lee welcomes his step-son: ‘You are a gift’

The National National Parliament, Denis Lee, talked about the death of his 2-year-old son Rally, who took him to Parliament, who is treated as he feels like he was on the freedom of death.

In MP, a deep personal speech for Mengikikikee, said he foiled a night and went to find his son to die in his sleep.

He described the “cold heart, functioning system” as well as police and coronaries, and pathology as well as about the interaction.

He said that the failure to get information and failure to describe what is going on seriously and attracted it today with compassion.
“Rally’s body is trying to move, what she was doing to her, she maintained her, unwantedly receives a police letter that tells us about the hearing history of our Koroner. Was more

“No explanation, no, often asked the brochure of questions, just one sympathy. You will understand that we are going on trial for the death of our son.”

Lee – daughter of former National and Christian Democrats MP Graem Lee – said he was present in politics but his experience was that he himself led politics.

“Walking through the shadow valley of death, while trying to understand legitimacy and strictly want to lie to the world, my senses have increased … I have a badge, a big one. I have a part of the driving force that sees me standing here. ”

He said that the system was improved after the 2006 Coroner Act and the system was reviewed, so other families did not have to go through this experience – and he taught that different politics people Can make life.

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Li talked of life as a politician’s child, he remarked to remove Sheikh as a young man and fell down on Robert Mololon, “when he open his secret, private laptop door.”
Lee Rally ended with a message – “You are a gift” – and for her daughters Sydney and McNen.

“Your world is not such that I grew up. I shot the rat at the weekend in Peru Dump, while navigating your virtual world, Google and Facebook’s overseas supervision 24/7 Master International The content is streaming. ”

He said that the world changed politics and prouded them to get them as leaders.

Lee is a former Oakland City Councilor, and in 2014, the National Front was the former deputy leader.

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