The Old Testament is based on human rights issues to meet Rudrogo Dorteity

Jackie’s Orders say that record of murdering their human rights issues and drug smugglers in the Philippines is one of the previous governments.

“Our view is that the number of deaths certainly needs investigation and monitoring,” he said. He spoke to reporters in Manila, where President Rudrove Detroit hosted the head of the East Asian summit.

“The international community is trying, I understand and I’m sure they are not accepted.

“But of course it is the fear of any country that resulted in the policy to see the death level.”
On Tuesday, the East Asia Summit has a schedule meeting with one of the last items on its program, which was killing a person at the age of 16. Addressing the Philippines meeting last week in Vietnam.

“There was a fight, here and one – at the age of 16, I killed someone. One person, really during a fight. At that time when I was 16, because we just saw each other Are, “he said. .

The CNN reported that while considering the point of view of the drug war, ignoring the same approach as President, when he was young.

“You will be with my country, I will not let you go away from the hook. No human rights lawyer.”

Duterte also told the audience that if he met UN reporter on Ausar Colmar, he was “slapping”.

Since the last year’s birthday, the number of illegal killings is estimated at 6000, which includes 4000 police officers.

The order said that they would increase the same human rights as the past leaders “- that this level of death related to the drug policy is not just as a national member of the New Zealand International community. Want to see. ”

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Arder participated in a business snack in Manila on Tuesday, in which three wings have signed, which constantly support the New Zealand government and the Philippine Energy Department on the Flintmal Energy. Promote Matt Office prediction experts; Contract agreement between Tourism New Zealand and Philippines Airlines is about to increase the number of tourists after the direct flights starting in December.

Before the beginning of the East Asia Summit, the order met a two-day bilateral meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which the Indian students’ issue was raised.

He also planned to invite him to New Zealand.

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