One dead in impact on adventure convey at Port Chalmers

A man has been killed in an impact on board a voyage transport in Port Chalmers, close Dunedin.

The man, a gathering part, was finishing off a nitrogen barrel on the Emerald Princess when it exploded not long after 5pm.

No one else was hurt in the accident and the vessel does not appear to have been hurt.

The ship’s captain proclaimed the downfall to explorers in an inauspicious message through the ship’s radio.

“I repeat my earlier statement for those of you who didn’t hear my presentation, as I presumably am mindful a large portion of you were shorewards as we had an unfortunate scene happen tonight at approximately 17:10.”

“One of my group people was filling a nitrogen gas bottle … likewise, tragically one of the barrels exploded, miserably killing the gathering part.

“As the tradition requires, we are remaining adjacent until an examination is finished.”

Adjacent Maritime Union expert Phil Adams says the impact was colossal.

“It was one genuine impact,” Mr Adams said.

“In this crazy world that we’re living in right now, your regular reaction is that it must be an exhibition of mental persecution. That was the important thought.”

Police will look at the going for banquet on the coroner and say both WorkSafe NZ and Maritime NZ have been come to.

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