Ton-up Khurram impels Karachi Whites into one-day last

KARACHI: Khurram Manzoor finished an uncommon cap trap as he produced his third progressive century as Karachi Whites crushed Peshawar by five wickets to achieve the National One-day Regional Cup last in Rawalpindi on Thursday.

The Pakistan dispose of followed up the thumps of 187 (versus Islamabad) and an unbeaten 143 (Lahore Whites) with an even 100 to enable the group to retaliate for its misfortune against Peshawar in a year ago’s last by updating the deposed champions’ aggregate of 281.

In the wake of selecting to bat first in the principal semi-last at the Pindi Cricket Stadium, Peshawar made a lazy begin when they posted 39-1 in the main powerplay with their in-frame opener Sahibzada Farhan tumbling to out-of-support Pakistan all-rounder Anwar Ali for a 25-ball 12.

Ashfaq Ahmed likewise neglected to establish any connection when he miscued a force shot against left-arm paceman Zia-ul-Haq and was gotten for 13.

Israrullah needed to battle for his keeps running against clean knocking down some pins, especially from the splendid Anwar and the wily moderate left-armer Mohammad Asghar, who rocked the bowling alley cleverly and never let the batsmen settle with his inconspicuous difference in pace.

Left-gave Israrullah offered an arrival catch to Asghar in the wake of making 47 off 66 balls with the guide of four limits and one six.

Captain Mohammad Rizwan and Adil Amin at that point met up to share the most noteworthy organization in Peshawar’s stop-begin innings as they put on 79 of every 88 balls for the fourth wicket when Asghar represented Adil (33 off 52 balls, two fours and one six).

Peshawar at that point got a major pass up his Karachi Whites partner, Asad Shafiq, for a venturesome 72. Rizwan’s 65-ball thump included four limits and a support of sixes.

Akbar Badshah (40 off 32 balls, five fours) and Zohaib Khan (31 off 20, four fours and one six) additionally made helpful commitments yet regardless of their endeavors, Peshawar missed the mark concerning the focused on 300-run stamp.

Anwar and Asghar both got three wickets with the previous yielding 49 and Asghar 43 runs, individually, while conveying 19.5 overs between them with three overs being lady.

Ex-Pakistan quick bowler Mohammad Sami stayed wicketless yet yielded just 51 keeps running in his full portion, while Zia took 2-66 and low maintenance spinner Danish Aziz had figures of 0-66.

Peshawar required wickets forthright to remain in the chase however Khurram and Asad guaranteed Karachi Whites got off to a strong begin as the openers included 80 out of 97 balls before the captain was rejected for 36 (off 47 balls, five fours).

Khurram kept on batting with flexibility as and Akbar-ur-Rehman consolidated in a moment wicket association of 113 of every 127 balls. Khurram was removed his own knocking down some pins by Zohaib not long after in the wake of finishing his 21st century in just 131 appearances. His 165-ball innings was bound with 11 fours and one six.

Akbar and Fawad Alam (25) put on 48 preceding the left-gave Fawad was tidied up by Israrullah.

Akbar withdrew not long after, got behind by Gohar Ali off disposed of Test paceman Imran Khan for 82 (off 107 balls, five fours and one six) preceding Karachi Whites lost Faisal Iqbal (6) with no expansion to the aggregate.

In any case, Danish Aziz squandered no time as the youthful left-hander pulled Israrullah for a six to stay unbeaten with an eight-ball 20, subsequent to having distributed the a comparative treatment to Imran in the past finished.

Karachi Whites now anticipate champs of the second semi-last amongst Rawalpindi and Islamabad on Friday. The last is booked for Sunday.



Sahibzada Farhan c Danish b Anwar 12

Israrullah c sub b Asghar 47

Ashfaq Ahmed c sub b Zia 13

Mohammad Rizwan run out 72

Adil Amin c Asad b Asghar 33

Akbar Badshah run out 40

Gohar Ali c Sami b Asghar 6

Zohaib Khan c Asghar b Zia 31

Shah Faisal not out 11

Taj Wali b Anwar 1

M. Imran Khan b Anwar 1

Additional items (B-4, LB-6, W-4) 14

Add up to (hard and fast, 49.5 overs) 281

FALL OF WKTS: 1-31, 2-55, 3-93, 4-172, 5-216, 6-232, 7-239, 8-276, 9-277.

Rocking the bowling alley: Mohammad Sami 10-0-51-0 (2w); Anwar Ali 9.5-2-49-3 (1w); Zia-ul-Haq 10-0-66-2 (1w); Mohammad Asghar 10-1-43-3; Danish Aziz 10-0-62-0.


Khurram Manzoor c and b Zohaib 100

Asad Shafiq c and b Faisal 36

Akbar-ur-Rehman c Gohar b Imran 82

Fawad Alam b Israrullah 25

Faisal Iqbal c sub b Taj 6

Anwar Ali not out 4

Danish Aziz not out 20

Additional items (B-5, LB-3, W-3, NB-1) 12

Add up to (for five wkts, 49.1 overs) 285

FALL OF WKTS: 1-80, 2-193, 3-241, 4-261, 5-261.

DID NOT BAT: Mohammad Hasan, Mohammad Sami, Mohammad Asghar, Zia-ul-Haq.

Rocking the bowling alley: M. Imran Khan 10-1-57-1; Taj Wali 10-0-44-1 (1nb, 1w); Zohaib Khan 10-1-48-1 (1w); Shah Faisal 10-0-57-1; Adil Amin 4-0-25-0; Israrullah 4-0-36-1; Akbar Badshah 1-0-10-0 (1w).

RESULT: Karachi Whites won by five wickets.

UMPIRES: Asif Yaqoob and Rashid Riaz.

Television UMPIRE: Saqib Khan.

MATCH REFEREE: Aziz-ur-Rehman.


MAN-OF-THE-MATCH: Khurram Manzoor.

SECOND SEMI-FINAL: Rawalpindi versus Islamabad, Friday.

09 Feb 2018

US Senate board affirms proposition to authorize Myanmar authorities

WASHINGTON: The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed enactment on Thursday to force focused on authorizations and travel limitations on senior Burmese military authorities in charge of human rights barbarities against the Rohingya individuals.

The enactment was joint composed by two senior administrators, Senator John McCain, a Republican who seats the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Ben Cardin, a senior Democrat in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Around twelve officials from both Republican and Democratic gatherings supported the determination.

The creators depicted the entry of their determination as the initial phase toward the path to consider responsible the senior military authorities in charge of the butcher and uprooting of more than 680,000 honest Rohingya men, ladies and youngsters.

The Burma Human Rights and Freedom Act would preclude certain military participation with the Burmese military until the US Departments of State and Defense can guarantee that authorities have stopped the savagery.

The bill would likewise bolster monetary and security segment change, and energize Burma’s effective progress of energy to a non military personnel government.

“The size of human rights mishandle against the Rohingya individuals and other minority groups in Burma has been amazing,” said Senator McCain. “The United States has an ethical commitment to do whatever it can to anticipate mass monstrosities and ethnic purging — and to clarify to those capable that their activities won’t go on without serious consequences,” he included.

“It clarifies that the United States won’t remain for proceeded with monstrosities and will bolster every Burmese individuals in their battle for flexibility and majority rules system.”

Representative Cardin trusted the enactment would help “recalibrate US arrangement and engagement with Burma in light of the genocide and violations against humankind that have occurred in the course of recent months against the Rohingya.”

09 Feb 2018

Sideswipe: February 9: Couple that sheds together, remains together

Tiger by the come up short

An agriculturist in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, went to check his dairy animals and found a tiger in the cow shed. Photos of said tiger were sent to the police, and an accomplished sergeant affirmed it was unquestionably the genuine article. Signal various units, including three outfitted reaction vehicles and a canine handler, sent to the homestead to handle the monster. Anxious radio updates said it was hazy if the tiger had eaten any cows and “its ears apparently twitched yet other than that it was extremely settled”. In the end, the sergeant went reporting in real time and proclaimed it was really a stuffed toy.

Approach to influence drain to stream? Draw the other one

• Wildlife camera administrator Gavin Thurston has shot film for huge numbers of the best nature documentaries and uncovered that he once sat for 12 hours per day, for 17 days, to endeavor to film female trim goanna reptiles coming back to burrow their recently brought forth youthful from a termite hill in southeast Australia. After all that, did he get the shot? No! Thurston says he has mediated with natural force however once in a while.

• “I was recording green turtle hatchlings on the northwest shore of Australia — each home creates around 80 hatchlings yet just a modest bunch influence it to try and to the ocean before being eaten by gulls. Following six days of recording, myself and the maker both got up and kept running down the shoreline gathering up the hatchlings in our T-shirts and brought them down to the ocean.”

• While recording in Southern Sudan with the Dinka clan he saw a lady blowing into the vagina of a dairy animals. “When I raised the camera to film this remarkable occasion, she shied away. I asked the mediator to go and request what reason she was doing that. Incredibly, the lady revealed to us that the dairy animals was not creating so much drain and that by blowing in its vagina the drain yield would increment.”

Going out on culminate note

Dave Pitches expresses: “Tonga, some time back. A metal band on the back of a truck. Take after the delicate music to the wharf, where the coffin is precisely transhipped to a little pontoon. As it moves away on this last voyage, the band begin on the psalm, Abide With Me. The soprano cornet hits the second verse, genuine and clear finished the water — I can hear it still, after 35 years.”

Slipped by catholic?

To be utilized just for comic purposes

The Manly application will give you abs and pecs and a shower tan…

Video pick

Vodka showcasing taking care of business… Absolut’s new crusade film highlights 28 of the brand’s representatives stripped…

08 Feb 2018

All Blacks: Steve Hansen – Players merit pay rise…but will be difficult to convey

The All Blacks are building up their own one of a kind mind deplete situation however mentor Steve Hansen says he’s keeping a collected mind for the present.

Persuaded by the possibility of essentially higher wages in Europe, a swarm of periphery and semi-consistent All Blacks have abandoned their beginning Test aspirations to head abroad – from the officially withdrew Malakai Fekitoa, Aaron Cruden and Charlie Faumuina to the soon-to-leave Lima Sopoaga and Seta Tamanivalu.

By playing abroad, they preclude themselves from Test choice.

And keeping in mind that the spoil hasn’t yet spread to beginning Test stars and stalwarts, Hansen conceded the market for Kiwi players was in overdrive.

New Zealand Rugby, accordingly, could basically not stand to coordinate European or Japanese pay rates, in spite of doing their best to help incomes.

“We’re exceptionally lucky to have a gifted pool of individuals yet the drawback is that everybody needs to come in and get them,” Hansen said.

“It’s the familiar aphorism, we need to create one yet we need to create four – one for us and one for each of those different situations.

“It hasn’t came to the heart of the matter where it’s lamentable – the contracting individuals are completing a great employment and the rugby association are supporting us eminently, there’s (still) a huge want to continue pulling on the dark pullover.

“While that is there, we’ll continue proving to be the best on the ability side.”

Hansen conceded that, in view of the current worldwide market, his Test-level players could do with a compensation rise yet said it is difficult to convey.

New Zealand Rugby have effectively consented to tip an extra $70 million into player installments through to 2019 as a component of their aggregate assention.

That pool likewise incorporates $25 million for the maintenance of key All Blacks.

“There must be a reality sooner or later, what would we be able to bear the cost of and what wouldn’t we be able to manage? We’re not a major nation, how would we collect that cash?” Hansen said.

“Everybody thinks New Zealand Rugby has this cash – well it doesn’t (and) we must battle for each dollar we get and spend it astutely.”

08 Feb 2018

Video catches inn specialist approaching Kiwi lady for sexual support in return for discount

A Kiwi lady has taped the minute a Bali inn laborer approached her for sexual supports in return for a discount.

Aneta Baker posted a video via web-based networking media which catches the Ramada Bali Sunset Road Hotel specialist asking for a sensual caress as a byproduct of a discount for an additional night she was charged for.

The eight-minute clasp demonstrates a private discussion amongst Baker and the laborer, in which she doubts his demand.

Nine seconds in, the laborer says he might want her to give him a penis massage in return for her money.

“Since for me it’s troublesome [to process the refund] … I simply give you the alternative.”

He says the discount isn’t originating from the lodging, however rather from his own particular cash, and he alludes to the reality he ought to be remunerated for this deed.

Bread cook hits back at the demand, saying she is hitched and his conduct is unforgivable.

“You know I’m hitched and you need me to give you a sensual caress.

“Doesn’t that appear to be weird to you? Is, dislike, quite amateurish.”

In her post, Baker said she was stunned that a man in a place of specialist would make such a recommendation.

“[He] held up till I was separated from everyone else, at that point proposed he would give me the discount ‘however what might I give him’ were his correct words…

“To which I reacted with, ‘what about a grin and some appreciation’ to which he asked, ‘what about a…. *something inappropriate*’.

“So I in a split second began the tricky record to get this person out!”

After the account, Baker said she asked for to address somebody over the specialist.

“Who didn’t make a move, and afterward I squeezed and squeezed to address the most astounding individual in control, not surrendering despite the fact that being messed around for just about 60 minutes.

“The enormous supervisor and general visitor administrations chief was in the end called down and he was as stunned as I was that one of his specialists could ever do this.

“The big cheese was inconceivably conciliatory and has said that this individual would not have a vocation the following day.”

Dough puncher said the occurrence was not an impression of the inn, but rather absolutely the person.

“Nobody should encounter this and I’m to some degree happy it transpired so I can be a voice for the voiceless, that I can talk up for the individuals who might not have felt they would!” she be able to said.

The video has been seen more than 8.7 million times since it was transferred on February 3. The worker has since been let go.

“We are exceptionally sad that the visitor experienced it in our inn, obviously we don’t excuse this conduct from our staff individuals,” the lodging disclosed to Indonesian media.

08 Feb 2018

Climate: Northland, Auckland support for rain deluge as twister lingers in Pacific Islands

Northland is set to be splashed by substantial rain as a band of wet climate plunges from the north through Auckland as it relocates south.

The deluge comes in front of a tornado creating around the Pacific Islands, close Fiji, which forecasters say could hit New Zealand specifically.

MetService meteorologist Amy Rossiter said Northland is anticipating that up should 130mm of rain to collect today around evening time, predominantly in the eastern slopes.

Facilitate overwhelming precipitation was required from Friday night to midnight.

MetService had set a notice for the district from 6pm Thursday to 3pm Friday.

The substantial rain could make streams and waterways rise quickly and in addition cause surface flooding and potential slips.

The rain was a consequence of a muggy easterly stream moving down from the north on Thursday and Friday, making a trip to the upper edges of the South Island by Saturday.

Auckland north of the city, Great Barrier Island and the Coromandel Peninsula were likewise under a substantial rain watch from 2am Friday to 3pm Friday.

The wet climate comes in front of a twister creating around Fiji which was relied upon to hit New Zealand at some point one week from now.

It would be significantly greater than Cyclone Fehi which struck the Pacific a week ago, Meteorological administration WeatherWatch said.

MetService meteorologist Kyle Lee said MetService knew about the violent wind shaping and had a group of forecasters watching out for it, yet it was hard to be exact as the tornado was seven days away.

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research said today there was a direct shot of a typhoon arrangement amongst Friday and Sunday.

They have named the framework Tropical Cyclone Gita.

Twister Fehi’s energy a week ago observed a highly sensitive situation proclaimed for Dunedin and the Buller District on the South Island’s West Coast.

Felled trees and slips blocked parts of State Highway 6, stranding 115 drivers close Fox Glacier.

A further 600 voyagers – some with therapeutic issues – were stranded in Haast, obstructed by a 100m long 9m high slip at Douglas Bluff south of Haast.

Friday’s gauge


Rain. E. High 25C Low 21C


Rain. E. High 24C Low 20C


Rain. E. High 22C Low 18C


Rain. E. High 23C Low 20C


Cloud to rain. E. High 22C Low 18C


Shady. High 24C Low 17C


Shady. High 23C Low 14C


Fine. High 20C Low 15C

08 Feb 2018

Download Free Popular Drama Double Khudgarz Episode # 15 and 16 – 6 – Feb – 2018

Download Free Popular Drama Double Khudgarz Episode # 15 and 16 – 6 – Feb – 2018

Download Free Popular Drama Double Khudgarz Episode # 15 and 16 – 6 – Feb – 2018


08 Feb 2018

Download Free Popular Drama Last Episode BAAGHI – Episode # 28 – Drama Cost Saba Qamar, Osman Khalid Butt, Khalid Malik, Ali Kazmi

Download Free Popular Drama Last Episode BAAGHI – Episode # 28 – Drama Cost Saba Qamar, Osman Khalid Butt, Khalid Malik, Ali Kazmi

Download Free Popular Drama Last Episode BAAGHI – Episode # 28 – Drama Cost Saba Qamar, Osman Khalid Butt, Khalid Malik, Ali Kazmi


08 Feb 2018

Bangladesh commands first 2 sessions of second test versus Sri Lanka

DHAKA, Bangladesh — Bangladesh’s turn bowlers proceeded with their control of the Sri Lankan batsmen on the primary day of the second cricket test, leaving the guests stuck in an unfortunate situation at 205 for eight at the coffee break on Thursday.

Left-arm spinner Abdur Razzak (4-59) and Taijul Islam (3-74) shared seven wickets to gone through the Sri Lankan innings after its commander Dinesh Chandimal won the hurl and chose to bat.

Roshen Silva, who put on a two huge associations, was batting on 45.

Playing in his first test since 2014, Razzak disturbed the Sri Lankan batsmen on a Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium pitch offering turn and skip.

Razzak evacuated opener Dimuth Karurantne, who was confused on 3. Mendis and another first-test centurion, Dhananjaya de Silva (19), seemed set to shape a major organization before left-arm spinner Taijul Islam had de Silva got at first slip, finishing a 47-run association.

Razzak at that point took wickets in back to back conveyances, evacuating Danushka Gunathilaka (13) and Chandimal (0).

Razzak struck again in the first finished after lunch to evacuate Kusal Mendis on 68.

Silva included 52 keeps running with Dilruwan Perera to recoup quickly from the fall, and afterward 43 with Akila Dananjaya to help Sri Lanka go past 200.

Pace bowler Mustafizur Rahman got through on the stroke of tea with the wicket of Dananjaya for 20.

The principal test which finished Sunday at Chittagong was drawn.

08 Feb 2018

Turkish, Russian, Iranian pioneers to meet over Syria emergency

ANKARA, Turkey — Turkish authorities say the pioneers of Turkey, Russia and Iran will meet in Istanbul to talk about peace endeavors for Syria.

The authorities said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian partner Vladimir Putin consented to the summit amid a phone approach Thursday.

It was not promptly clear when the Istanbul meeting would happen.

The Turkish authorities said two pioneers additionally concurred that endeavors to make “perception posts” in Syria’s Idlib region as a major aspect of a “de-acceleration” assention between Turkey, Russia and Iran should pick up energy.

They examined the helpful circumstance in Eastern Ghouta, simply outside Damascus, where handfuls have been killed in elevated strikes in the previous couple of days.

The authorities gave the data on state of namelessness in accordance with government rules.

08 Feb 2018