IOWA на Big Love Show 2016

IOWA на Big Love Show 2016

07 Oct 2016

IOWA – Бьёт Бит live. СПб, А2 Green Concert Russian Song

IOWA – Бьёт Бит live. СПб, А2 Green Concert Russian Song

07 Oct 2016

IOWA – Бьёт Бит Russian Love Song

IOWA – Бьёт Бит Russian Love Song

07 Oct 2016

Alex Sparrow – Сумасшедшая (Official Rus Video)

Alex Sparrow – Сумасшедшая (Official Rus Video)

07 Oct 2016

Время и Стекло – Имя 505 Russian Best Song

Время и Стекло – Имя 505 Russian Best Song

07 Oct 2016

Best Russian songs ever

Best Russian songs ever

07 Oct 2016

‘Birth of a Nation’ — this slave-disobedience show will abandon you staggered

Essayist on-screen character star Nate Parker’s disputable diversion of Nat Turner’s 1831 slave uprising couldn’t be more germane — or all the more effective

Here’s an intense inquiry: do you judge Nate Parker’s ‘The Birth of a Nation’ as a film, or put the man behind it on trial as a previous understudy at Penn State in 1999 who was blamed for assaulting a 18-year-old lady – a wrongdoing for which he was absolved.

I’ll leave the playing God stuff to online networking, where it flourishes, and adhere to what’s onscreen which, by any standard, is a stupendous accomplishment.

The ‘Birth of a Nation’ is an enthusiasm venture for Parker, who worked for a long time to accumulate the $10 million it took to get this hot potato on the screen. Parker gives an incredible essential execution as Nat Turner, a Virginia-conceived slave and Baptist evangelist who drove a 1831 slave defiance – the bloodiest in US history – that left 60 slave proprietors and relatives butchered, for the most part with tomahawks and blades. In striking back, 200 blacks were butchered. Brutality hits like a gut punch in ‘Country’, a title Parker strikingly recovers from the 1915 noiseless screen Civil War epic in which chief DW Griffith made legends of Ku Klux Klansmen. As chief, essayist, maker and star, Parker his country’s introduction to the world from a dark point of view. A surge of noble anger courses through the film until all crying crap hits the fan. It’s a spectacular coordinating introduction for a craftsman who is undeterred in his representation of a dark America stretched as far as possible, with the result still in play.

Parker astutely constructs his film, from a story he co-composed with Jean Celestin, similar to a social affair storm. We meet Nat as a tyke, played by Tony Espinosa, the closest companion of the white kid, Samuel Turner, who will grow up to be his lord at the cotton manor claimed by the Turner family, from which Nat receives his surname. Samuel’s mom, Elizabeth, even instructs Nat to peruse, for the most part the Bible, nothing that will put perilous thoughts in his mind. Then again so she considers. As grown-ups, Nat and Samuel, the last played with flashes of good multifaceted nature by Armie Hammer, offer confidences, however nothing that inquiries the total amazingness of the slave proprietor. Nat is sufficiently keen to induce Samuel to purchase Cherry, a youthful slave stripped around a barker to up her cost. She will later turn into Nat’s better half and the mother of their little girl.

The movement of equalization in Nat’s association with his lord comes when Samuel, at the command of the corrupt Reverend Walthall, enlists out Nat to lecture slaves on neighboring manors, utilizing the Bible to show dark subservience. It’s here that Parker lets the unfolding acknowledgment of ghastliness stay in Nat’s eyes. Nat sees stunning proof of perversion, including a mercilessly realistic scene of a slave, on an appetite strike, getting his teeth thumped out and having nourishment pushed down his throat. Another slave watches his lady being given off to a white man for a night’s pleasure. What’s more, when Cherry endures a comparative destiny on account of manor foreman Raymond Cobb, Nat feels something snap.

Incidentally, Nat discovers legitimization for rebellion is the Bible he once used to penetrate in the lesson of dark consistence: “I’ve been taking after the Lord quite a while,” Nat tells his rush. “I’m backtracking through his words with new eyes. For each verse they use to bolster our subjugation, there’s another requesting our opportunity?” Parker does not go delicate on the savagery. He needs to rub it our appearances the way Nat did. Different movies have gone up against the curse of subjugation, most as of late in the intelligent desolation of Steve McQueen’s Oscar-winning ’12 Years a Slave’ and in the dreamlike blast of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’. In any case, Parker throws the knockout right hook as individuals are killed “for reasons unknown at everything except being dark”, an announcement that reverberates over today’s features and gives Parker’s point of interest film the warmth of a history that is as yet being composed.

The ‘Birth of a Nation’ is shot in Georgia by camera wizard Elliot Davis with a mix of light and shadow that makes the past come unmistakably alive. Is it without imperfection? No. Parker shares the liberalities of numerous a first-time movie producer who tosses all that he can at the screen, and Nat’s religious dreams, bizarre signs that his mom cautions him against, are roughly pictured. An excessive number of characters travel every which way without being completely created; Henry Jackman’s score pushes when it needs to quietly induce.

06 Oct 2016

‘Birth of a Nation’ goes up against America’s racial over a significant time span

LOS ANGELES: When “The Birth of a Nation” opens in theaters this week, its supporters are trusting the film’s buzz will at last move far from the debate dogging its maker and toward the servitude show’s intense message about race relations in America.

The film about Nat Turner, a slave who drove a defiance in Virginia in 1831, was once hailed as a honors leader however has been eclipsed by features around a 17-year-old assault case including the author, executive, maker and lead performing artist, Nate Parker, who was vindicated at a 2001 trial.

As Parker has looked to address the assault case as of late, showcasing for the film has moved to advance the significance of the little-known story of Turner to today’s Black Lives Matters development.

TV advertisements indicated broadly entwine scenes of slaves going through cotton fields in 1831 with late news pictures of nonconformists, with lips taped and “I Can’t Breathe” signs, showing over the killings of unarmed dark men by US police.

A lot is on the line for studio Fox Searchlight, which purchased the motion picture amidst the discussion over absence of differing qualities in Hollywood that incited the resurgence recently of #OscarsSoWhite.

Yet, Parker, 36, said he knew right from the begin that he needed to make a film that “progressions the discussion around race in this nation.”

“I feel like this nation is more isolated now than it’s been in minutes before, so seeing that a film is really addressing that and advancing the discussion, it’s moving and empowering,” Parker told Reuters.

The film has the same title as a 1915 motion picture, generally seen as promulgation for white amazingness bunch Ku Klux Klan, however Parker’s adaptation recovers “Birth of a Nation” to demonstrate the mercilessness of prejudice.

Aggravating visuals about race and subjugation rule “The Birth of a Nation.”

A white young lady plays with a dark young lady with a noose around her neck in one scene. In another, a group of slaves dangle from the branches of a sprawling live oak tree as Nina Simone sings “Interesting Fruit.” In a standout amongst the most shaking scenes, a slave on a craving strike is coercively fed subsequent to having his teeth etched out by his white proprietors.

“This was our world and I believe it’s imperative that individuals perceived this was a regular thing and a framework that was so solid thus invigorated that it adulterated everybody that it touched,” Parker said.

The cast trusts the film will supplement the educating about servitude in the United States.

“Slave uprisings happened and there’s a strange kind of washing out of this where I never found out about this story as a child,” said Armie Hammer, who plays Turner’s slave expert.

Shot in Savannah, Georgia, on the grounds of a genuine estate, the cast said they were candidly influenced by the historical backdrop of the area.

“You stroll on that manor and it’s prompt, you feel our kin, you feel them like they’re sitting right here, you see and feel the torment. It resembles a blood and guts film with the exception of this is reality,” said Gabrielle Union.

06 Oct 2016

‘We are presently seeing a renaissance of ties amongst Russia and Pakistan’

KARACHI: While Russia had kept up a position of safety in the post-Cold War time because of local difficulties, things started to change at the turn of the thousand years with the outcome that it again turned into an emphatic player in the domain of remote strategy. This can be found in its relations with focal Asian nations, as it calls for quiet resolutions of the contentions destroying the Middle East and its reciprocal relations with Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

Russian Ambassador Alexey Y. Dedov communicated these considerations while conveying a discussion on ‘New Trends in Russian Foreign Policy and Future Challenges’ on Friday. The occasion was held in the gathering room at the senior member of the staff of sociologies, Karachi University.

Investigate: Pakistan, Russia consent to milestone safeguard collaboration arrangement

Talking about relations amongst Russia and Pakistan, he said the ties were much more strong and were experiencing a renaissance. “Pakistan and Russia have been through numerous good and bad times. They were phenomenal amid the season of Ayub Khan and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto yet then they got to be strained.” He said that Pakistan was its fundamental accomplice in the district and read out President Putin’s quote about Pakistan’s significance to Russia in which he said that “Russia connects incredible significance to Pakistan and this is a result of its stipulated part in the Muslim Ummah”.

He talked about expanding political ties that incorporates the up and coming visit of the Pakistani PM and late visit of Pakistani parliamentarians to Russia and the other way around. About specialized participation, he said talks were under route for supply of helicopters to Pakistan for its counterterrorism exercises and a proposition to construct a gas pipeline from Karachi to Lahore in addition to other things.

He likewise underlined his nation’s longstanding relations with India, contending that Pakistan ought not be worried about it since Russia’s relations between the nations was free of each other.

About Afghanistan, he said it involved extraordinary worry as “it was a potential hotbed for fear based oppression and medications. The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan that guaranteed the assault on Karachi airplane terminal in 2014, is working from Afghanistan and is applying its impact likewise on our focal Asian partners.”

Be that as it may, Mr Dedov said, Russia prepared Afghanistan’s police and gave them weaponry and was likewise taking a shot at building power ventures.

About the Yemen struggle, Mr Dedov said: “The political building should be seen” there. There had been examples where the UN Security Council’s endorsement was looked for setting up no-fly zones and doing air strikes, he said. In any case, on account of Yemen, for occasion, no such endorsement was looked for, he included.

The envoy said he had addressed Pakistani government authorities on the matter and they, as well, needed a quiet arrangement and called for discourse. “It is a partisan clash in Yemen as well as it is a great deal more mind boggling,” Mr Dedov clarified.

He additionally talked about Russia’s clearing endeavors in Yemen. “We emptied our residents as well as moved out subjects having a place with the focal Asian nations. We cleared almost 1,000 people.”

Be that as it may, he said, the contention in Syria and the control of the so called Islamic State in the nation could be called “perilous”, “uncontrolled” and “phenomenal”.

Contrasting the IS with other psychological militant associations, he said, the vital distinction was that it had its own state. “It has populace of more than one million and they trade oil and gas at focused business sector costs,” he included.

The diplomat in a roundabout way put the fault of the current conditions in Libya on the Western powers, clarifying that one was not saying that Muammar Qadhafi was a honorable person however the nation was in such critical straits after his takeoff that in addition to the fact that it was controlled by different aggressor aggregates even the IS had broadened its control in the nation.

He additionally touched Crimea and East Ukraine, saying that Crimea had decided to re-join with Russia through a submission. He faulted “outside impact” for heightening the contention in East Ukraine.

06 Oct 2016

Russia to join CASA-1000, set up 600MW plant in Jamshoro

ISLAMABAD: Russia is relied upon to use the six-month (October-April) inactive limit of the proposed Central Asia to Pakistan transmission line to offer its surplus power to Islamabad and set up a 600-megawatt gas-terminated plant in Jamshoro.

The two sides have additionally consented to gather a meeting of the joint vitality working gathering in Moscow one month from now to sign a formal update of comprehension in such manner.

Going to Russian Deputy Minister for Energy Yuri Sentyurin and Water and Power Secretary Mohammad Younus Dagha examined the two issues in a meeting on Wednesday.

As per an official aware of the meeting, the meeting appointment was educated that the transmission line of Central Asia-South Asia (CASA-1000) will stay inactive amid October and April consistently on account of a decrease in hydropower era in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

“Pakistan welcomed the Russian Federation to join CASA-1000 for the non-hydel part, as there is space for the transmission of power from October to April,” said an official proclamation.

It cited the Russian representative pastor as saying that his nation as of now examined the likelihood of joining the CASA-1000 transmission line amid the off-pinnacle hydrogenation period with Tajikistan, which has demonstrated ability to encourage. The Russian government will soon be bringing up the matter with Kyrgyzstan.

The two sides additionally consented to catch up with parallel dialogs about whether the import of power from Russia be kept a legislature to-government bargain or a business course of action.

Mr Dagha said work has as of now began on CASA-1000 under which Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan will transmit their hydel power through the transmission line to Pakistan from May to September. “Be that as it may, the transmission line will be accessible to transmit Russian warm power from October to April,” he said. Such a circumstance can profit the Russian side and support provincial network and more noteworthy local collaboration.

Discussing Russia’s interest in the 600MW gas-let go power plant in Jamshoro, Mr Dagha said the undertaking’s achievability has as of now been led and its PC-1 is additionally prepared for endorsement. He told the assignment that the force departure framework as of now exists at the site, which implies it is the “most reasonable task” for prompt venture for Russia.

The Russian appointee priest for vitality said Russian organizations have rich involvement in the vitality segment and huge numbers of them are willing to put resources into Pakistan’s vitality part.

He said Russia has generous surplus limits in warm and atomic force plants, which can be promptly made accessible to Islamabad to conquer vitality deficiencies once political and business assentions are settled.

He respected Pakistan’s proposition to join CASA-1000 and communicated the ability to be a piece of it. He was of the perspective that Pakistan and Russia ought to mutually seek after different accomplices — Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan — for rapid results.

He said the Russian side is likewise excited to seek after the Jamshoro upgradation extend and is investigating approaches to back it. Mr Sentyurin said the participation between the two nations is reinforcing with every passing day.

06 Oct 2016

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