Point agriculturists have extended the proficiency of provisions up to five conditions

One by one, enter the utilization arrange wander wanders Sladkovsky business edge develop.

Here, aggregate proliferation of the present plant for creating tilapia, started the improvement of plant for the making of encourage.

The wander, notwithstanding different things, finished against an establishment of stable activity of the find and raising the “living silver”. As demonstrated by Deputy Director General for Fisheries Andrei Gunin, taking after the eventual outcomes of 2016 the total catch of fish in the economy meant 1316 tons. Of these carp – more than 200, peled – 466, walleye – 22, pike – 73, other (carp) – 372 perch – 51 ton. Grown 124 tons of tilapia. For examination, a year earlier got 1238 tons and in 2014 – 1150.

After a significant long time, the association is executing a program focused affiliation calculating grounds. Edge farmers need to use 20 water storehouses with a total zone of around 17 hectares (18 – in Sladkovsky, 1 – in Kazan, 1 – in the Khanty-Mansiysk region).

Each one of the lakes south of the Tyumen district, as we most likely am mindful, zamornogo sort. If you don’t upgrade their hydrological organization, the fish can be turned out to be simply in the yearly rummaging in spring impelled – got in the fall. All that is not gotten – were butchered.

Sladkovtsy endeavor to hand used over trademark pools nezamornye that incorporates huge inconvenience and cash related cost. In particular, you ought to present aerators, which includes the relationship of compel, security and diverse hypotheses.

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Fundamentally additionally longing answer for the issue – the generation of remarkable water driven structures, particularly stores satellites. By zone are pretty much nothing, 30 to 40 or 50 to 60 meters – depending upon the lake, and related with the guideline store two maintain channels. The lake aerators are presented satellite, in this way making an endless region, submerged with oxygen. Point feels cutting down the oxygen content in the water and a part of the winter in the lake, satellite or kept in the vadose zone. This progression is arranged in the Tyumen State Research and Production Center for Fisheries (Institute “Gosrybtsentr”) saves imperceptible from the surface of the fauna in the winter.

– Experience has exhibited that the idea worked – the fish is spared, there are strong results, – says Andrey Gunin. – Increased benefit of more than 200 kilograms for each hectare can take. According to the figurings “Gosrybtsentr” trademark benefit by and large society lakes, where no money related development is guided, it is around 40 kilograms for every hectare.

To date Sladkovsky District transmission line are related with the lakes Buzan, Big Kurtan, Tavolzhan, the Village and different others. Storehouses satellites in view of four of them. In case the present year’s spring calculating will bring cash related returns, will start collecting another. All coordination on the advancement and circulation of land got.

Sladkovsky thing aquaculture creates, extending its yield and era, impelling new undertakings, modernizing officially made. Edge of blue lakes up ’til now bring much preferred standpoint the region and its tenants.

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