Polly Gillespie in ‘colossal bother’ – and off-air again

The Hits radio broadcaster Polly Gillespie was off air again on Wednesday, resulting to displaying a video through electronic systems administration media over contract address with supporter NZME.

She has now released another video which she portrays being in “immense burden”.

The radio star exchanged a video to Facebook where she inspected in express detail and length about the NZME station’s organization and contract contrasts.

In the latest video posted on Wednesday morning, she says “I need to be with you anyway I’m resting”. She then proceeds to discussing how she “may have been eating chocolate in the midst of the night”.

The video closes with her dropping her phone and bobbling to lift it up.

The basic eight-minute video, which was posted before the host was off-air, had Ms Gillespie saying the “liberal and lucrative” new contract prescribed her long-running show with ex Grant Kereama would soon touch base at an end.

She said consenting to the new contract moreover implied “basically being stifled” by means of electronic systems administration media.

The Hits content official Todd Campbell attested Gillespie was off-air.

“We are reviewing the events of the latest few days [and] no further comment will be put aside a couple of minutes,” he said.

Gillespie has starting late spoke straightforwardly about her uneasiness despairing.

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