Reading a Big: A new cookie, facing her hard and all the help

When John Clarke shook his room, then he took a bed and returned to bed. He thought it was another small earthquake – it was very beautiful Moby, where he lived, in Rocketara, with a state-of-the-art State Highway running in the north of Caucasus.

But the earthquake worsened.

As was connected to Johnny’s bed, he felt that the bedroom walls would touch her. In wireless reports.

They scrambled on a verandah connected to the house. Affiliate earth’s power, he thought, will throw it down on the grass.
The 23-year-old says, “I was just climbing on the ground and half of the fact that it ran to Brahhna house.”

“Fortunately it was half that I was not.”
Violence of violence

The Caucasus earthquake struck near the town of Canterbury, in the southern island of New Zealand, on November 14, 2016, after a noon, after noon. Violence continued for almost two minutes. Intensity 7.8 – 15 and 15 kilometers deep, was the second largest earthquake to occupy the country from Europe’s arrival. He claims the life of two people.

In the places where the errors were met, the ground was vertically and vertically moved to 12 meters, seeing the big trees by landscape. Moving to the entire cities and cities – Kakarara fell north by about one meter. The north-eastern tip of the northern island, Cape Campbell, moved to two meters near the northern island. Wellington moved between two to six minutes in the north.

The earthquake struck 100,000 earthquake in the earthquake, causing a million cubic meter to fall on the road. Rakotara was cut from Kakuraura. Kaushara was cut from the rest of the country.

On one year, the front guard in the Johnny’s family house is still hanging with the size of small-scale vehicles, which was thrown down the hill in the earthquake.
Run in the dark

After stopping meeting, Johnny tried to pull down her family. Her father and her husband, her sisters and daughters and sisters were all home. A hot water cylinder was detonated, and steam water was passing through the stairs, which was spread over it.

He went out and went out. The Moonlight saw the beach shining before the house, and could see that the ocean was well before the mark of a low wave. A tsunami had to face, the family took a blanket blanket, picked up the children, and rode in the hills behind their home.

At the high level, they made a clean, fire, and waiting for the first light in Manoku trees. When it came, John saw that the sea rage took place. Bell bulls, which were covered by past dusty mountains, were controversy with flood-pie, lupates, cracks.

Back home, no power, running water, no cell phone coverage. No helicopters came. Rakautara was marooned. On the fourth day the family decided to walk in Caucasus. State Highway One of the included slip earthquake strengthened the various parts of the road and threw the railway tracks on the beach.

Kakura was a pleasant tourist town before the earthquake, which was famous for watching her valley and seafood. In December 2015, 22,632 guests reside in the city’s residential area. In December 2016, this number was 3437 after the earthquake. From 12 months to 2017, the amount spent by international tourists in the district fell 53%.

Now John also takes a lot of lives.

He lived in the caravan for about seven months of the earthquake. They say it was bloody cold. Now, she is a house under a Dale DPC in the picture, (This is not actually a black day but she says it, because the bridge flipped and no one could find it through it. The house has a red sticker, but he points out because little cladding has fallen, and it’s actually safe.

When we first meet, Johnny in his ass worked hard and work boots, with grass grass and no weapon. His fingers are flying in the air. There’s a glow at the same time. He threw dirty muscles on the back of Johnny’s head to get his attention.

Johnny has offered to take Rakut out of the roadside in Mingamoon. The SH1 is only open to the North workers and residents. Johnny often confused tourists by seeing such tourists, thinks how to make them intersection online for three hours at the time of time (for more than six hours more hours to run the patent for the current route Looks like)

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Before the roadside, once the steep rocks spread in the Harri, the earthquake tolerates tanks and rocks by torn earth and rock. Workers have a continuation of fluorescent orange, and a sack of south-west truck head to collect smile and recycled back on a cement plant in the north.

After a 20-minute drive, Johnny dumped out of her family’s house. He walks across the drive, trains the train tracks and scrambles to a steep racing bank on the road, jumping a fence, then jumps on another and its pony is on the beach. After becoming its right nineteen, the blue and white roadside caravan set up by his grandfather to sell his price in 1977, then his son Rodney, Johnny, who is on the Mount to the sea. Was plated. He gave a clerk to the Clark family for 40 years.

But when the road stopped, Nain bin closed. The blackboard has grown a bush bush to expire the advertisement in eight different languages. It is now surrounded by orange fences, diggers, utes, warning signs and ready-to-use rooms, which are used to fix highways for some workers.

Johnny says “Everyone has to go and find other jobs.” His grandmother is working on the road, his father, who joins a match, is building trailers.

“I’m still fishing, but I’m not fishing for the raw material for the shop, I’m fishing for China.”

He hopes the road – and Nain bin bin will be reopened soon.

Below on the beach, the earthquakes that were drowned in water and the pink coral were separated before earthquake, there are white smoke through the sunlight that now comes. Paw, flexibility and peppers shell wrapped on the beach. In addition, the waves accidentally crashed on the rocks of the ocean, and a pair of prisons looked like wild wild because they surfrazed their raw pot.

After the earthquake struck earthquake and destroyed the slices that Johnny used to launch his fishing boat, Timeta found an alternative way to the family. Johnny hooked the ark behind his nausea, as well as staying out of the road, driving Philadelphia by driving on the beach and unwanted train tunnels, and committing immortality in the city. He traveled for a few weeks a day traveling, daily fishing and returning home to the night, until someone put bricks in front of the train tunnels.

After that, whenever the city was required, the city and the city had gone, push the mountain turn filled with gems. They have access to the vehicle from March.
Rangers’ squeezers and workers wanted

After the earthquake, things are the same, but in the cookie are different. “Staff Wanted” Marks are sitting outside almost every business with the main road. Many seasoned workers have chosen long hours and high salaries offered by the construction company, while others, who usually work as waiting waiters, hairdressers and check-out operators, can not get accommodation. .

There are no advertising advertisements at the Kakova at TradeMe. No flat needed, either.

In a four-square window, a seat is housed in the dropdown of domestic shortage drops for November 6. “We do not have to offer homes, but we can do better for you if we know what we need.” .

The council’s website is read “There is still a lack of housing and accommodation in our district”.

It reaches five key factors to the shortage: residents need homes due to earthquake damage and increase competition for rent; housing needs for housing; local businesses; tourists need accommodation; residents Residents who want to build and move to Caucasus will return to the ‘new local residents’.

From 12 months to 2017, the city’s average weekly rent increased by 11 percent. During the same period, Auckland increased by 4 percent, the average growth rate for the country is about 4 4.7 percent. The average household prices in the coconus increased by 9.5 percent during the period of QV data. In Oakland, household prices increased by 10.4 percent. (REINZ, however, due to the increase in 5.5 percent in Iconland, the coconut medal prices increased by 2 percent last year.)

With State Highways one and seven – the country that connects the road from the rest of the country to the Coca-Cola – thousands of workers fly heavy machinery, back helicopters, rage the rocks, seal over oh points, or hours Stand for With prevention / marks, pouring dust into the present northwest west.

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In the South Bay, the fishing boats sit high and dry, while the new mariner (because of today’s opening), the sand and stone are loaded and loaded in a never-ending line, the debris are loaded. .

The city’s permanent population of 2080 has increased by about 30 percent, which is led by the government-owned company NCCCR (Maintenance of North Continued Transport Infrastructure, “Locator” by the local people).

Many of these new workers come out of the city, and need to live. A developed village built on the edge of more than 300 cities in the city. Neon “No Holiday” Signs outside the hotels and motels, heavy workers and woolen woolen work socks in the boots of utes steel hat are socks sitting at the door.

A changed city

In the heart of the level of the Level Crake, Kayden is a fishing for Manawatu, 15, whitebait in the city of Syria. In spring, small fish fall into the ocean and its network. She uses a plastic bottle to extract it in a zipper bag. When he goes home, he goes straight to the pan filled with eggs and salt.

The city where caden has grown has changed much to earthquake. Instead of wearing buses, rather than tourists, road workers and engineers run utes with bright light instead of wearing high-speed and strike. It’s up to two hours from height, and it stands at the bottom of the stone which is used to become less wave signs.

If you follow the Lake Creek upgrade through the city, you will come to Kayden’s old home. On the earthquake night, the bank overturned, and a large caravan built under the lawn and his father’s bedroom. Canadian says the world’s largest earthquake is to find homes facing local residents.

“A couple of my cousins had to get out of their rent – they should be set after earthquake and then they went to NCR workers.”

They say, others have been moved to Christchurch.

“We were lucky that my grandmother had come to Christianity because we bought his house from him.” Others were not very lucky. ”

That evening, as we call our goodbye, the Canadian invited us to come to our cousin Kaka’s house to make breakfast in the morning.
Workers arrival

After the earthquake Caucasus is good and bad results for the locals. Overall, this attitude seems like ‘get along with it’.

Businesses on the money of tourists, such as South Paw factory, are struggling. But in the local community, pastor Boss Brien and Korn have taken each other as a “fragrant man” – for such a consultant – NCTIR.

The workers’ arrival was a bonus for some residents. It is difficult to find a place to stay, if you do not want to book a book properly, and tell us the owner of a motel this year is the biggest source of this year.

Although it is not for all.

The charge was transferred to his father Paul Mack, 60, and his wife nearly two years ago.

“We came here for a holiday and were living in the room. My wife says this place is for sale. I want to go here. We thought of it, went back to Melbourne, sold and came back.

“He took us almost 9 months to sell everything. And yes – we came back and bought it and then earthquake.”

Anchor has been closed for a year. Insurance Today Paul walks around Mallal’s short distance, emerging on the earthquake near the past and has targeted himself now. Lie on the pieces of pink buttons, like paint painters and hammer and drill around it.

“Workers have just been on motel for just three weeks … I’ve been open so far, as the shop is on the hotel street. But no, we are not opening the tables next year – the first of January Something is shameful, “says the pool.

“It’s a struggle, I had to go and pay the bill, to pay the bill.” There is a lot of work in the city, and he is walking out for the staff … “He has run bus for NCTIR. . Workers now.

As we chat, they eat. He loves in Cucumber – one of his 16-year-old dogs is named after the city. She does not want to go. But he is struggling.

“The time is just a murderer. You think what you have done for the past eleven months. You sit there. Sit there, sit there. Walk with two small dogs with a beach.”

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After that evening, we have left Anakor till, a bus is running past and offers us a pony – the police worker leaves home from home.


It’s a Wednesday morning, and Caden is already out of fishing. She is engaged in cooking white butt muscles before going out of school at her 10-year-old Cousin Kaw Hole-Jerawa’s house.

One year ago, when the earthquake happened after midnight, the dough picked up with a glass of glass. He got the bed and was dogging. Like many other Kakaswara residents, they thought there would be tsunami there. They went to the car and arrived at the Kaaba’s grandfather’s house on the hill. Cousins, Aunty, Aunty had about 15 family members.

After the earthquake, a Ngai Tahu Tourism Helicopter Delivered to Takahanga’s death of Kakova, and celebrated thousands of tourists and residents trapped in the city crayfish. In his way, Helicopter Koa – which destroyed Kaea, including two months, who lived outside the cross-border with his father.

The city changed when he returned. There were not many children in the school, and they used to struggle. Most nights, he called himself to sleep.

“It’s a bit different because the beaches are low … it does not have many crefishes and paues, kuna and all the seafood.”

In September this year, Kaya was scared when an intense 5.8 5.8 earthquake spread near Anorcergal. “We thought it might grow like earthquake.”

Before leaving our house, we have to feed white beet posts. Kaea’s mother gives us the phone number of his friend Johnny Clarke – he says he’ll be good to talk.
Hope to rebuild

After the earthquake, Johnny and his family removed the ground. For a while, he used a generator to fill his freezer with meat, but he took everything to the city to stop working.

Clarke’s family’s house stood at the barbarota for 108 years.

Johnny says “she’s hanging out now.” “We hope we’ll be able to rebuild here.”

Fruit trees surrounded by a wooden house – Aquaculture, Yellow, Pump, Apple, Lemon, Cherry, Fountain – Now the flies are surrounded. The hot water cylinders that belong to Johnny’s escape in the center of this site. A fish-bay is filled with safe fruit baskets, a pink razor in a clay concrete, a barbecue, a chain and a tire swing, damp sofa, chairs and books and a porcelain toilet in all the bushes. It was once a place of a beloved family house.

Greenhouse is placed in front of the property, strawberry, passion fruit, pepper, tomato, cucumber and latish. Prior to the earthquake, the tomato increased to 58 years of age and sold them as “slow” in Nain bin bin. This year, Rodney has taken charge of vegetable growing populations, because Johnny lives in this genre.

Before she moved to the next door house, Clark’s family lived in her shed. It’s full of cars: A Ford Model T, 1937 Ford Cooper (“She’s really a good looking car”), and “rat”, which is actually out of two cars. From the earthquake to hit, there was a hobby for vehicles and roadway. They will find old rugs in paddles and do them. Johnny is getting us a bit out of his video.

“When we are not fishing we want to go with the vehicles.” But after Baker behind earthquake, because there are many things.

When we say goodbye, he gives us a crude oil.

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