segment of Paris in Abu Dhabi

Thousands of arts were run by the galleries of Lower Am Abu Dhabi because they were open to the public for the first time at the end of the week, waiting for a decade long wait for a project by questioning the conditions of workers. Have happened

Online tickets were sold and horns stand on the opportunity to see more Pamplo Picasso and Rhodee’s works.

The modern museum designed by the French architect Jean Nellel is sitting under the honey dome of eight layers of Arab-style rectangles. This bites of water are scattered in their outer corridors. Inside the light, its exterior in the light comes out like a dome.

“The museum actually goes out of expectations as the museum has an icon itself and … there are lots of pieces of art that can bring the whole world with the whole world under its beautiful roof.” Michela Stolz-Schmitz living in Dubai said.
Another Prime Minister, Christine Behen was also impressed. “We have seen it on the Internet,” Baheh said, “We think about what it is, how it looks like, but it’s happening here and it’s really going here.” I see everything. “This is, ‘Oh!’ I tried to capture it on my phone, but I could not do it now. ”

Laura E Abu Dhabi’s director Manuel Rabe called the museum collection “unusual anywhere in the region”.

Louvier Abubark’s opening last week, Arab leaders and kings, French President Emmanuel Mullon and his wife Brigate last week.
France’s president, Serge Shakak, is considered to be president of the East and West with Buddhist, Christian, Islamic and Jews, to fight against extremism with art after the 11/11 attacks. .

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However, conservative groups of the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi press the button more than liberating Dubai, and can be seen in relative absence of those who display the nita.

Authorities did not say how much it cost to build a museum. However, Abubakar paid France $ 525 million to France for the use of the name “Louvre” for the next 30 years and in addition to six months, US $ 750 million to finance 300 managers for arranging French artists. Agreed to pay.

A center in Paris’s Louvor is now the name of the United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Zaid bin Sultan-e-Ahanan, which was also part of this agreement.
During the construction, there was severe criticism on the situation of project labor, because workers had filled for diplomatic heat for a long time.

According to Abu Dhabi officials, a worker was killed in an accident in 2015, while “natural causes” died in 2016. According to the 2015 Human Rights Watch report, working on projects on the island including Laos on the island, their work visa was removed or lost for the beginning of the attacks on their situation. Labor attacks in the United Arab Emirates are illegal.

Today, most of the Saadi Islands are considered as a cultural district by museum, it is still empty.

The Middle East tour of a plan of Guggenheim is unstable with only one dound base on the salt of the salt.

Due to lack of part of global energy prices, more than US $ 100 US Barrel is a barrel in 2014 in 2016.

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Although yesterday, only one episode was published to visit visitors. Prime Minister Juliet Bahen said, “I want them to really experience it in TV or in pictures,” he said.

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