Senior National Parliament says Winston Peterson opens a tablet while selecting a Labor

Senior National Parliament Chris Finnison has used parliamentary stability to reject a shock of Westston Peterson, that he has done nothing to New Zealand, there is no integrity in the negotiation with the national, and this The National “put a tablet” when decided to go to Peter with the labor.

Speaking today in the House of Defense in the House of Representatives, the final said that some of his new ones belong to New Zealand, but not for his leader.

“I have nothing to do with the right honor, Winston Petrus, and since the beginning of 1990, he has no relation with the National Party’s point when he was illegally removed from Cocos.

“And old habits do not change very quickly, and he did not make me any part in New Zealand.”
Phoenix reported his fellow Judge Collins, who lasted for the last few weeks that in the light of legal documents, the National Party has participated in negotiations with his parties, including Peter Billy and Paula Bennett and Steven Joyce. Are there

Peter just registered the papers on the day before that day, but he was serving only last week.

Fernandon said “It’s going to be very clear because Judith Collins has recently said that talks were basically fraudulent after general elections.”

“I believe we have shot, and I’m very happy that the National Party held autonomously and with respect.”

The final final also used his speech to be cautious about the nominated Habibat law. The final was the Attorney General at the time and offered a legal consultation between 2011 warriors and allies, resulting in a job-related relationship (film production work) known as the amendment bill.

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The law means that film and television workers are contracted before contractors, meaning that they can not deal legally legally.
Before this, workers can potentially stop production by checking their worker status and if the job is verified as a matter of matter, the overall issue starts. It was uncertainty that significantly making production in New Zealand was featured as possibly maintaining film producers.

Finlayson said he still recalls when Sir Taylor Taylor called them with concerns that Hobbit films could be taken externally.

FATA Digital told five employees and 1800 contractors, “was very worried about the potential changes in the law.”

He said that this would prove wrong in canceling the law as “Utu” against Peter Jackson and the National Party.

“He will destroy film industry in Wellington … Utility is not a fair foundation for legislation.”

Workout Rail Relations Minister Iceland-Galilee has said that they are meeting together with a permanent solution together with the industry’s acquisition.

He said he has met with the Vita workshop, and he is very comfortable with the point we are taking.

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