Supermarket friction: The footage of the bloody fight in the supermarket lights

A listened video that displays two men, is hanged on each other during a naked buckle dispute in a snackberry store.

The footage shows a man who is running at the Super Store, West London in London, and gives two people the chance to hit each other in the admission.

The security guards and workers have tried to break the fight, but the people will continue their bloody exchange, Milan Ohline reported.

Camman encourages a man called ‘Pit’, so that he should continue, because workers have to continue to continue as “rear”.
A female worker has heard ‘get out!’ As soon as the awesome buyers look.
Finally the war breaks by other buyers and one person injured in throwing his face in blood.

Then they are encouraging to leave the shop.

It’s not clear when the footage was taken.
This video was uploaded to a YouTube channel, titled “Trader Beef Pitkurt Cornwall and Petrick Power Fight in the San Francisco” title titled “Trader and Gypsy video jpsey” title.

A CNN spokesman said: “We will not tolerate this type of behavior in our stores.”
We are aware of this incident and can confirm that the police have been called directly. ”

He added that no shops were made to the customers.

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