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Family took more than $1 million from Maori arrive trust, the Serious Fraud Office certifies

A kin and sister are going up against 11 deception charges between them for professedly putting more than $1 million expected for a land trust into their own money related adjusts.

They have been charged in association with a Serious Fraud Office (SFO) arraignment after the trust for the Maori arrive they were watchmen of was left with just $13.41 following a movement of unapproved portions into their own money related adjusts and family trusts.

Stephen Henare, 60, and Margaret Dixon, 59, stand up to Crimes Act charges of “Robbery by individual in remarkable relationship” in association with their parts as trustees for the Parengarenga 3G Trust.

Henare faces six charges while Dixon faces five charges, the SFO said.

Both have been emptied as trustees of the P3G Trust.

Henare appeared in the Auckland District Court today and has been remanded on shield. Dixon fail to appear.

Parengarenga 3G is a 511.83ha officer benefit square of Maori arrive arranged in the Taitokerau District in the Far North.

The Parengarenga 3G forest is supervised by the Parengarenga 3G Trust.

In June 2012 the kinfolk and five others were named as trustees of the Parengarenga 3G Trust, set up of the Maori Trustee.

Following two months, around $1.1 million proposed basically for the organization of the land and the forest for the benefit of the proprietors was traded from the Maori Trustee to the Parengarenga 3G Trust money related adjusts.

A further $54,480 was furthermore gained by the Trust from the offer of carbon credits.

The SFO charges that between August 2012 and January 2014 a movement of unapproved portions were created utilizing the Parengarenga 3G Trust money related adjusts to the family, leaving commitments due for the care of the forested areas unpaid.

By January 2014 there was simply $13.41 left of the advantages.

It is attested that Henare, with the commitment of Dixon, intentionally fail to oversee $934,270.30 of the Trust’s benefits by trading significant sums of money into various different records, including their own particular records and those of their individual family trusts.

It is moreover attested that Henare purposely fail to deal with a further $149,627, without the relationship of Dixon.

SFO Director Julie Read said as trustees, Henare and Dixon were “kaitiaki, guardians”.

“They were required to deal with the property according to the essentials of Parengarenga 3G Trust Order and in doing in that capacity to ensure the timberland thrived for the benefit of all.

“The SFO believes their misleading development has endangered favorable position which was expected to benefit ages to come.”

The prosecutors will next appear in the Auckland District Court on November 21.

12 Oct 2017

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