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Iran, Iraq, Syria, Russia hold ‘hostile to fear mongering’ meet

TEHRAN: Iran, Iraq, Syria and Russia held a gathering in Baghdad on Thursday of military and security authorities to facilitate “against fear mongering” endeavors, the Iranian resistance service said.

“Collaboration in knowledge between the four nations for normal points and against psychological oppression missions has been fruitful in reestablishing steadiness and security, and it should frame the reason for future participation,” Defense Minister General Amir Hatami said in an announcement from the Iraqi capital.

The “coalition” had played a “critical part in the thrashing” of the aggressor Islamic State bunch in both Iraq and Syria, he said.

The gathering came an indistinguishable day from Iraq said its aviation based armed forces did an assault on IS positions in Syria.

Tehran underpins the Iraqi government and the Russian-supported administration in Syria in battling rebel gatherings and jihadists by sending “military guides” and “volunteers” from Iran and Afghanistan.

20 Apr 2018