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At the first strike of US military planning on every city of Russia and China, nuclear attack on … and many low-level field commanders gave the power to push the button

Interview with Daniel Alserb
Daniel Elsberg – The US’s most popular celebrity, former military analyst, who writes the Pentagon papers, who helped eliminate the Vietnam War. He has just published the book that it was one of the key nuclear warlords planned for the United States in 1960.

Eliberber told in an interview in a Republican Today this morning that the United States had planned the first strike on every city of Russia and China … and this was the strength of the number of field-level commanders to launch nuclear weapons:

Interview So, before copying the Pentagon papers, copy the top secret reports for projects about the nuclear war years.

Daniel ELLSBERG: It’s OK.

Interview – and released them press?

Daniel Ellisberber: Basically, my notes, and sometimes references to verbs, not only the entire plans, but on the projects which were unaware of the president to start with Kennedy. In my first month, MacGeG band acquired the information about the nature and other problems of its plans, such as the delegation of theater commanders’ authority for nuclear war by President A.S. Hanover, who is very much a MacGeG band. Although it was terrible, Kennedy chose to renew this delegation, as the other president has. [It confirms that Mile Challadosk has allegedly allegedly assaulted the third scene of the World War that the US has a weapon of weapons that he used to use in the war of war in his sole discretion. For low-level field commanders have opted. Citizens Leaders.

But I was given the work to improve the AES Hanover projects, which was not actually a lot of times at this time, because on their face, because of the worst projects in the history of war. Many people who saw them, but very few ordinary citizens look at them. In fact, joint heads could not get targets in the Strategic Air Command by General Lima.

And there was a good reason for that: they were crazy. He asked for the first strike plan, which was with President A. S. Hanover’s order. They did not want any plan for the limited war with the Soviet Union, because in any case the army also asks nuclear weapons on many divisions or disorders to deal with the insurgents. Therefore it was needed that in any case of Russia, such as facing the Corridor of Berlin, the only plan to reach West Berlin or more, which was already a point or a Yugoslavia at that point, if they went However, the war began in the Middle East, for example – the rebellion began in the Middle East, for example – but it began, the plan of ASE Hanover did not use warrior nuclear weapons, at the earliest beginning of the nuclear war.

And the project called for our first strike to hit every city – actually more than 25,000 cities – in USSR and every city in China. Alzberg is not the first to discuss US plans for a nuclear strike already. In 1986 to win the book a nuclear war: Pentagon’s secret war plan, one of the world’s world’s leading physics – Miko Kakko – clarifies the plans for the United States to begin the first nuclear war against Russia. . Former US ambassador to the US, Rimi Clarke forwarded.] The war with Russia will immediately come to an instant attack on every city in China. I had no storage during apology. Everything could have been thrown shortly – it was a wide-ranging operation of Thornunite weapons more than USSR, but not only USSR. In the Warsaw agreement, prisoners of countries, Eastern Europe’s artificial satellites, were killed in their air defenders, which were the communications of any nearby cities, their movement, any kind of communication. So they will also be destroyed.
This weapon, which will take the machinery out, was not an ideological project, as Hermon Cohen may probably be pregnant in the machine on the day of Judgment as he thought of his partner in the Rand Corporation. It was a real war plan in which we will use the existing weapons, most of whom had already seen it.


Each president has represented himself. I do not know what Cold War has done or what President Trump has done. In Hertter President, Carter and Reagan, in fact, they were represented by theater commanders, if the communication was closed. This means that the president is the only order which is the only one to issue order, which can be acknowledged that the authoritative order is completely incorrect.

How many fingers on the buttons? Maybe a president never knows its details. I knew, in 61, for example, Admiral Harry D. felt in the CINCPAC chief of the Pacific Commander, for which I worked as a researcher, he made a number of commanders to the 7th Phatt. Was presented, and that, as a result, people were represented. So when you say, “How Fully Allowed?” If their communication expires and the share of each day was part of the process when I was there – communication was improved, but the representatives have never changed. **** In general, they recommend lower levels of colonies. Allow us to decide, “The time has come. We have lost our commanders. It’s time to go.”

07 Dec 2017

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