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Who is behind the Caucasus terrorists, the threat of the Sochi Olympic Games and the Terror Attack?

In the weeks reaching the Sochi Winter Olympics, Western media has written the “reliable reports” examined the “possibilities” of a terrorist attack at the height of the Olympic Games.

At the end of January, the British government warned that “More terrorist attacks in Russia (after the Volgograd attack in December)” is likely to occur before or during winter Olympics in Sochi. “(BBC, January 27, 2014).

As the Olympic Torah reached Souchi, the CNN released the results of the “timely” opinion survey (based on the usual sample of 1000): “57 percent of the US Swatch Games are likely to be a terrorist possibility”

Early news reports focused on the secret threat of a known “black widow” terrorist attack, which escaped from Russia’s terrorist attack on Russia’s terrorist attacks. According to a renowned “disaster expert” Dr. Gordon Wu, a black widow attack “is almost certain”:

There is a modeling insurance modeling insurance design, including a design model for the risk of terrorism, “said Wave,” Due to the history of history between Russia and Chocolate people, Cocos Emperor is distributed to create, Sochi is a key target for terrorism. “(Business Times, UK)

The Sochi game is occurring at a global level of crisis due to a clash between the US and Russia on Geopolitan Chess. As a result, the protest movement in Ukraine affects the geopolic control of the Black Sea Russia.

What will be the main political objective of a terrorist attack?

Is this media report intended to cause only fear and uncertainty that makes Russia’s political embarrassment?

While network TVs and tabloids have turned their eyes on a black widow, which is behind the Casasas Terror, which is basically the main question.

None of the news focuses on any basic question that needs to be assessed by the threat of terrorism.

Al-Qaeda’s history and the current events of Syria and Libya recognize both of them unaware that Al-Qaeda’s network has fully supported the West-West intelligence.

History: Who is behind the Chechen terrorists?

What is the historical fact of Chechen jihadists, who are now threatening to threaten Swachi sports? Who is behind them

After the end of the Soviet Union, in the 1990s, the United States fought to fight against Russia. This was intended to promote the separation of a “Range Autonomous Region” Chechnya Federation of Russia’s Federation, on the path of strategic oil and gas pipeline.
It was a secret secret intelligence. Chechal Basayev and Al Khattab, the leading leaders of Chechen rebels, were trained and trained and were involved in CIA-sponsored camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The formation of two main Chechen jihad linked to Al-Qaeda was 35,000 strong. He was supported by the CII by Pakistan’s Military Intelligence (ISI); Fund was also funded by the Saudi Arabia on Wabi Babi mission.

The ISI played an important role in organizing and training Chechnya rebels.

“[In 1994] Pakistan Inter Services Intelligence, in pursuit of the arrangements for Besayev and his empowered Lieutenant, to avoiding rapidly Islamic training and training in the guerrilla war in the Khost province of Khost, Khost province, Afghanistan, CIA and Established by the ISI at the beginning of 1980. Famous Afghan fighters run by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. In July 1994, at the start of Amir Mu’awiyah, Basayev was transferred to Markazuddin camp in Pakistan so that he advanced Guerrillas trained in tactics. Basayev ranked the highest ranked Pakistani military and intelligence forces Meeting with Aj (Leon Sons), “Calling Shots?” Chechen conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan finds Islamic roots “, Gazette, Montreal, 26 October 1999.)

After his training and insight, Basayev was first led to a war against Russian federal soldiers in the war of Chechen war in 1995. (Vitaly Romov and Victor Yadav, “Transfer to Chechen front Kosovo”), Sigdania, Moscow, February 23, 2000)

Geopolitics of the Sochi Winter Olympics

Sochi Olympics are on a strategic location on the Black Sea on the portions of Russia’s oil and gas pipelines.

The forbidden question in resolving the possibilities of terrorist attacks (from both the West and the Russian government) is: Who is behind terrorism?

While the American sponsor Chechnya rebels defeated the Russian forces in the 1990s, “Caucasaz rich militant groups, Emirate Kozaz (IR)” – remain active in the southern Caucasus region of Russian Federation (for example Chechchenya, Dagestan, Angestia) and Abkhazia.

Al-Qaeda groups along with Russia’s vast network of jihadists

07 Dec 2017

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