Tokyo Olympic golf scene hits sex issue

The Kasumigaseki Country Club, which is set to host golf for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, fail to accomplish a decision about culmination a confinement on women as full people on Tuesday, with the pioneer of its directorate calling the condition “an inconvenience.”

The official meeting accepted after calls to move the opposition from the private club in Saitama prefecture because of the lead, which licenses women to play Monday through to Saturday yet bans them from ending up being full people and from playing on Sundays.

The Tokyo Olympic orchestrating leading group of trustees sent a letter to the club seven days back drawing in for it to reexamine the system.

Assumptions at the meeting were isolated, open supporter NHK expressed, with a part of the people saying restricting women from full enlistment was out of wander with the conditions while others said the appraisals of all club people should be considered.

Board manager Kiichi Kimura later told writers that the club was on a very basic level in the position of crediting out the scene for the Olympics.

“That this situation has made is a bothering for us, it’s genuinely puzzling,” he said.

Japanese media has said a reliable vote of the 15-section board is required to change the run the show.

Both men’s and women’s rivalries will be held at the club in 2020, after the landing of the diversion to the Summer Games at last year’s Rio Olympics.

Two of the most prevalent golf clubs on the planet have changed their courses of action to allow female people starting late.

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In 2014, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews allowed women to join taking after 260 years of shirking, and Augusta National, home of the US Masters, completed its men-only enlistment in 2012.

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