US points the finger at Russia of bugging, threatening representatives in Moscow

‘A few negotiators said gatecrashers broken into their homes during the evening to adjust furniture, turn on lights, crap on a family room rug’


WASHINGTON: The United States has whined to Russia around a mounting effort of badgering and terrorizing of American negotiators and their families in Moscow, the State Department said on Monday.

Among those to raise complaints, US Secretary of State John Kerry talked about the issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin in March, State Department representative Elizabeth Trudeau said.

“In the course of recent years, provocation and observation of our political staff in Moscow by security work force and movement police have expanded fundamentally,” she told journalists amid a news gathering.

She was remarking around a report by The Washington Post on Monday that depicted a progression of activities by Russian security and insight administrations, including taking after negotiators and their relatives, showing up at social capacities uninvited and paying for negative media stories.

A few ambassadors said interlopers had broken into their homes around evening time to revise furniture, turn on lights and even poo on a family room cover, the daily paper reported, refering to authorities as saying Russian insight officers once broke into the US guard attache’s Moscow house and killed his canine.

“We see an expansion and we consider it important,” Trudeau said on Monday. Moscow blames the United States for hassling its own representatives and says it takes equal measures just accordingly.

“We have as of late felt a noteworthy increment in weight on the Russian government office and offices general of our nation in the United States,” Russia’s TASS news office reported Russian Foreign Ministry representative Maria Zakharova as saying a week ago.

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Russian representatives “consistently turn into the objects of incitements by the American mystery administrations, face deterrents in making official contacts and different limitations, for example, travel, she included.

Trudeau denied the allegation on Monday. “Russia’s cases of badgering are without establishment,” she said.

State Department authorities say Russian badgering has expanded fundamentally since Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine in 2014, which provoked Western assents against Moscow, The Washington Post reported.

Kerry addressed Putin about the matter amid a visit to Moscow after Washington stripped five Russian privileged delegates of their accreditations in January because of the badgering of its ambassadors.

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